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                    Holiday Phalaenopsis

                Spread good cheer                                                         In this tropical twist on the
                with this bedecked                                                      ubiquitous decorated evergreen,
                                                                                        diminutive ornaments and a
                blooming plant.
                                                                                        handmade garland accessorize a
                DESIGN BY LORI MCNORTON                                                 pot full of Phalaenopsis orchids.
                                                                                        Trimmed with pinking shears and
                                                                                        cinched in the center, each felt
                                                                                        embellishment mirrors the but-
                                                                                        terflylike orchid blooms. Knotted
                                                                                        ribbon ties are not only decora-
                                                                                        tive but also practical, securing
                                                                                        the fluttering felt and the orchid
                                                                                        stems to the supportive dowels.
                                                                                        A bevy of glass orbs sparkles at
                                                                                        the plant’s base. Customers will
                                                                                        enjoy this offering both for dis-
                                                                                        playing in their own homes and
                                                                                        as a great gift-giving option. sf

                MATERIALS: 5-inch Maximaflora Phalaenopsis orchid
                plants from CosMic Plants; glass balls (Raspberry
                Pearl, Soft Plum Pearl and Raspberry Shiny) from
                The Whitehurst Company; Scheurich 8¼-inch Alaska
                Pot from Syndicate Sales; felt and yarn from favorite
                hobby store.

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