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merchandising merit

  Christmas Spirit

                 A floral manager who focuses on recycling and a philosophy
               of keeping the customer first gives her displays a festive flavor.

                                                                            At Stater Bros. Market No.184 in Chino, Calif.,
                                                                        Floral Manager Jackie Conrardy subscribes to two
                                                                        simple philosophies: 1) Make it about the customer,
                                                                        and 2) never throw anything out. For Christmas last
                                                                        year, Jackie’s display was relegated away from front
                                                                        and center, so she knew it had to have punch with
                                                                        color, balloons and the vibrant creativity with which her
                                                                        customers have come to be familiar.“I thought, if I’m
                                                                        going to be placed away from the front, I’m going to do
                                                                        something really colorful,” she says.

   (ABOVE) Poinsettias of all sizes surrounded an array of
   festive wares, balloons and stuffed animals of all kinds.
   “We go beyond flowers and plants,” says Jackie. “We
   have candles, giftware, signs and all kinds of little goodies.”
   Jackie used varying sizes of tables to layer the display, to
   give it a more robust festive feel.
   (RIGHT) Jackie always uses whatever is at her disposal
   to give her displays the kick they need. “Whenever I unpack
   deliveries, I start to think of things I could build with the
   leftovers,” she says. Jackie decorated a cardboard shipping
   box with a snowman cutout, crayons and stickers she pur-
   chased at a dollar store. She then used leftover roof shingles
   from another display prop to complete her gingerbread
   house. “When I begin building my displays,” Jackie says,
   “children walk by and get excited, adults ask if they can
   take pictures, and they don’t even know what the display
   is about. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

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