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November 2017 / vol. 30, no. 11 /

28                                                     departments
                                                         4	 perspective
                                                       	 Life in hurricane country

                                                         6	 planning tips
                                                       	 Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                                         8	 merchandising merit
                                                       	 A floral manager who focuses on recycling gives

                                                                   her displays a festive flavor
                                                       10	 design of the month
                                                       	 Hanukkah centerpiece
                                                       12	 workbench basics
                                                       	 Using Christmas ornaments as containers
                                                       14	 blooming plant
                                                       	 Thanksgiving cactus / Christmas cactus
                                                       20	 the super floral Q&A
                                                       	 Up close and personal with Becky Roberts,

                                                                   PMA director of floral

                                                       22	 fresh finds
                                                       41	 classified ads, advertisers index,
                                                       	 and product and editorial source guide
                                                       42	 stats & facts
                                                       	 Consumer spending on gardening


                                                       15	 Sell More Poinsettias
                                                       	 Seven tips that will help you move even more
                                                       	 of these customer favorites.

                                                       16	 Speed Training for the Holiday Season
                                                       	 Fast-track your team into floral experts.

                                                       18	 Latest Developments in Customer Service
                                                       	 It might surprise you what today’s consumers

                                                                   want from the stores they patronize.

                                                       24	 Season Shift
                                                       	 Transitioning merchandise from fall to Christmas.

                                                       25	 Through the Eye of the Storm
                                                       	 How the floral industry dealt with the devastation

                                                                   of Hurricane Irma.

                                                       28	 Let it Grow!
                                                       	 If you think of spring as the end of planting

                                                                   season, you’re likely missing out on lots of
                                                                   profitable sales.

                                                       32	 New Bedding Plants for Spring 2018
                                                       	 Breeders share their latest introductions
                                                       	 with Super Floral.

                                                       37	 2018 Gardening Trends
                                                       	 “Mental wellness” is at the forefront of the
                                                       	 garden industry for the coming year.

                                                                             3november 2017 /
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