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merchandising merit

Autumn Appeal

Hy-Vee floral departments create “flash” sales
events by tying in to larger store promotions.

Washington Apple Sales

(right and below) To tie in with the produce department’s fall apple
sale at Hy-Vee in Albert Lea, Minn., Floral Manager Cheryl Over-
land, along with associates Todd Brouwers and Ann Brouwers,
decided to get in on the action and create additional sales for the
floral department by merchandising fall-colored mum plants in
the joint display. The produce department created a large apple
display with an apple-orchard-like feel while other store depart-
ments cross-merchandised apple cider, caramel candy and more.
The colorful seasonal display was a success for all departments
involved, with the floral department selling 75 mum plants.

                                      (right and opposite page, top)
                                      As part of the Washington apple
                                      promotion at a Hy-Vee store in
                                      Fitchburg, Wis., Floral Manager
                                      Scott R. Ellingboe, AIFD, created
                                      a display of fall-colored tulip and
                                      mum plants, as well as seasonal
                                      décor items and foil balloons on
                                      the opposite side of the apple
                                      display, with the backsides of
                                      the cardboard apple crates as
                                      his backdrop.

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