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             Grab Their                                                                          P.O. Box 4368
             Attention                                                                           Topeka, KS 66604
                                                                                                 (800) 367-4708 n (785) 266-0888
    When it comes to thinking about making      “They provide our floral team lots of options     Fax: (785) 266-0333
over your floral department, a few things        to create different looks week to week.”
usually come to mind. The first is “Why?”
                                                    The floral department’s flexibility in         President/Publisher Travis Rigby
    Okay, good question. Succinct and           changing things up created a buzz that caught
to the point.                                   customers’ attention. “It allowed us to create   editorial
                                                a work space that was more interactive with
    Once you’re past that initial thought, the  customers, which enables customers to watch      Editorial Director David Coake
next thing that probably pops into your head    as the designs are being created right in front  Editor Christopher Carvajal
is “Okay, but how exactly do we do this?        of them,” Kerry says.                            Contributing Writers Cindy Hanauer
Where do we start? What do we use?”
                                                    The way a makeover is tackled is going                                   Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI
    All very good and valid questions.          to determine what customers ultimately do.                                   Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI
Ah, but Super Floral is nothing if we’re        “There must be a need to provide a fresh,                                    Cindy McGowan
not here with answers.                          new, updated look,” Kerry says. One way                                      Amy Bauer
                                                to approach it, says Kerry, is to give the
    Here’s what we know: Others have            department more display space.                   design
already blazed this trail for you, and we’re
happy to report that the results have been          “Do it with a variety of shelving,” she      Graphic Designer Kathleen Dillinger
pleasing not only of the overall look and feel  suggests. “We also added a counter that          Photographer Carrie Burgoon
to a floral department but also to the bottom    makes it easier for the floral team to create     Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton
line. Because isn’t that what it’s all about?   designs with supplies at their fingertips.”
                                                Kerry adds that a counter is more inviting       advertising
     “It’s always good to have a fresh new      for customers to engage with the floral
look to constantly attract new customers,”      department staff.                                Advertising Sales Director Lisa Strydom
Kerry Jeanpierre, vice president and                                                             Account Executive Teresa Salts
co-owner of Albrecht’s Delafield Market in           At the end of the day, a makeover is all     Account Coordinator Ralph Granger
Delafield, Wis., recently told me. “And it also  about grabbing customers’ attention.
reflects current decorating trends, so it draws                                                   circulation
all kinds of customers.”                             “It allowed us to look at our entire space
                                                as a whole and to get better use of it,” says    Circulation Coordinator Brenda Wettengel
    And here’s the thing about making over      Kerry. “This ultimately allows us to now         Wholesale and Retail Florist Account Executive
your floral department: It works. According      add displays or create whole new displays
to Kerry, floral sales at the Albrecht’s Dela-   for new product lines. We like our floral                                           Mary Lou Clark
field Market have increased more than 20         department to really stand out with the color    Circulation/Book Sales Marty Bean
percent following the makeover.                 of flowers and displays.”
                                                                                                                                   Judy Bent
    Kerry says the need to get customers to         See? Simple. Now go and do likewise!
notice her floral department was one of the          For even more ideas for “remodeling”         technology
main reasons she and her team decided on a      your floral department, check out our in-
makeover. “The floral department was tucked      depth feature by Cindy Hanauer beginning         Director of Technology Shawn Cusolito
into a corner of the store that had minimal     on Page 22. sf
traffic,” she says. “The makeover provided                                                        editorial advisers
us with an opportunity to bring it out into       Reach Christopher Carvajal at
the flow of traffic.”                      or (800) 367-4708.    John Agnew, Whole Foods Market, Inc.
                                                                                                 Bill Byland, N.G. Heimos Specialty Plants/
    And you don’t have to crack open your
piggy bank to do it either. For the Albrecht’s                                                      Micky’s Minis
floral department remodeling, Kerry and her                                                       Debora Coleman, Albertsons LLC
team kept things simple by getting creative.                                                     Kevin Coupe,
“We got wooden crates of all different sizes                                                     Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
for displays, which allows us to create a va-                                                    Debbie Loche, Roche Bros.
riety of displays, sizes and looks,” she says.                                                   Ben Pauley, Passion Growers
                                                                                                 Rita Peters, Hy-Vee, Inc.
                                                                                                 Stan Pohmer, Pohmer Consulting Group
                                                                                                 Cindy Rapshus, The Roy Houff Company

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