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October 2017 / vol. 30, no. 10 /

                                                   22  departments

                                                   36    4	 perspective
                                                       	 Grab their attention
On the Cover
A Halloween products display at burton + BURTON’s        6	 planning tips
AmericasMart Atlanta showroom.                         	 Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                                         8	 merchandising merit
                                                       	 “Flash” sales events tie into larger

                                                                   store promotions
                                                       10	 design of the month
                                                       	 Tiny arrangements packed with personality
                                                       12	 workbench basics
                                                       	Round collection complements table and

                                                                   its settings
                                                       14	 cut flower
                                                       	 Pumpkin tree
                                                       18	 fresh finds
                                                       41	 classified ads, advertisers index,
                                                       	 and product and editorial source guide
                                                       42	 stats & facts
                                                       	 Make room for Gen Z


                                                       16	 The Super Floral Q&A
                                                       	 Steve Daum, Director Superflor Tech Division
                                                       	 at Floralife, shares personal and professional 		

                                                                   insights that have led to his success.

                                                       20	 Trends: Metal Mania
                                                       	 How can we improve on the perfect beauty of

                                                                   autumn? Trending metallics are the way to do it.

                                                       22	 Creativity is Contagious
                                                       	 Ten million-dollar ways to master a store
                                                       	 make over without breaking the bank!

                                                       32	 Poinsettias for Fall
                                                       	 Dive into the spirit of autumn with these vibrant

                                                                   new fall-colored poinsettia varieties.

                                                       34	 Ecuador’s Flower Growers Face Challenges
                                                       	 While production and earnings hit a lull, Ecuador

                                                                   sees the highest rainfall in over a decade.

                                                       36	 PMA Fresh Summit Preview
                                                       	 Education and networking opportunities for

                                                                   attendees at this year’s convention and expo.

                                                       39	 Merchandising Award of Excellence Kickoff
                                                       	 It’s that time again! Start sending us photos of

                                                                   your best displays.

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