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What is the most rewarding situation
                   you’ve encountered during your role
             Qas a leader at Royal Flowers and/or
             in the floral industry?                Bouquet Displays
                The joy people get from giving and
             receiving flowers, which symbolizes so much
             more including love, sympathy, gratitude and
             celebration. In addition, knowing we help
             sustain rural communities where our farms
             are located through professional employment
             of more than 1,000 people as well as the
             charitable work we do with local nonprofit
             organizations like our “Rose Buddies” promo-
             tion for the benefit of the orphanage, Hogar
             Para Sus Niños.

                    What are your primary goals
                    for 2017 – professional and/or
                 To introduce novelty products to help                                                   BD6B
               our customers obtain a competitive edge
               and to promote our e-commerce portal in
               the United States and Europe. I’d also like         MFD9
               to continue streamlining and optimizing our
               greenhouse and post-harvest processes
               and implementing new software and hard-  Floral displays that
               ware upgrades to better control pesticide   help sell flowers.            BD12H
               and disease management, costing, produc-
               tion planning and order management.

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                    What else would you like to share
                    with our industry or like the indus-
              Qtry know about you, your business,
               your business and/or life philosophies, etc.?
                 Besides being the professional rose
               growers we are known for being in the
               market, we have successfully developed
               new lines of cut flowers, which have sub-
               stantially expanded our portfolio of products
               such as Delphinium, Hydrangea, Veronica,
               Dianthus, dusty miller, sunflowers and bells-
               of-Ireland. We are developing a new line
               of improved “Royal Victorian Roses” and
               “Royal Victorian Sweethearts.”

                    What do you believe is the most
                    important issue or challenge facing
              Qthe floral industry currently, and
               how can it be resolved/solved/dealt with?
                 The fading of the small entrepreneurs
               and the industry’s lack of succession plans
               as a whole for the retiring business owners
               and farmers. The mindset of succession or
               exit plans needs to start early.

                    What is the most significant change
                    you think we are likely to see in the     
              Qfloral industry in the next two to five                    T: 905-641-2221
               years, and what will precipitate that change?  
                 E-commerce is here to stay and will con-
               tinue to expand. All of us need to implement   Growers of living colour specializing in spring bulbs
               it, grow with it and continue to adapt. It is
               the future, and the future is now.sf

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