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               Q A

             Edwin Verdezoto, president of Royal Flowers                How did you get into the fl oral industry?
                                                                          I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, and I
             International, shares personal and professional      Qalways loved the Andean countryside’s mountains,
             insights that have led to his success.               valleys, rivers and culture. I yearned to be a part of it so I
                                                                  could contribute and belong. When I was 17 years old, my
                                                                  father took me to visit a fl ower grower in the highland, outside
                or this month’s inspirational conversation with a fl oral   of Quito. I felt an instant passion about the idea of growing
             Findustry luminary, we caught up with Edwin Verdezoto,   something so beautiful from my homeland and distributing it
                                                                  all over the world. I begged and pestered him until he bought
             president of Royal Flowers International, one of the world’s
                                                                  a small farm where I got to work in the fi elds while I was 18
             leading suppliers of high-quality fl owers whose enterprise   and going to college at night.
             consists of a sales and marketing operation and distribution
             center in Miami, Fla. Royal Flowers currently has more than   What do you fi nd most interesting or inspirational
             130 hectares of farmland under greenhouses in the Andean   Q about the fl oral industry or working in it?
             highlands of Edwin’s native country of Ecuador, where they   I fi nd our industry quite interesting. Here are my
             cultivate more than 100 varieties of high-quality roses, Hydran-  top three: The abundance and diversity of fl owers and the
                                                                  capacity to enjoy them; how fl owers are grown and traded
             geas and other fl owers and foliage year-round. Read on to learn
                                                                  all over the world; and how it’s possible that we can grow a
             more about this fascinating industry leader whose passion for
                                                                  delicate perishable product yet engineer it to be so strong it
             fl owers and the fl oral industry is contagious.       can reach the farthest most remote places in the world.
             Q     What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received,   How would you describe your leadership style?
                   and who gave it to you?
                     Reputation and branding are priceless. I’ve been
                                                                          I do my best to lead by example through sincerity,
             fortunate enough to have had plenty of mentors as I built my   Qhard work and preparation while staying focused,
             career. My father was an important mentor to me and led by   organized and having a clear goal every single day.
             example. He believed it was necessary to be honest and sin-
             cere in all business dealings, and I have followed this advice.
                                                                 Q     the most?
             Trust is a very delicate resource. It takes a long time to build   Who or what has infl uenced your leadership style
             but pays off in the long run.                               I fi nd leadership fascinating and believe everyone
                                                                 has something to teach us. Yet again, my father, who was
                                                                 an impressive entrepreneur, was the most instrumental in my
                Q     What motto, creed or affi rmation do you live by   business development.
                      most in your personal and/or professional life?
                        Don’t look back; look forward. At times, we
                all face tough personal and business challenges, so it’s   When you aren’t in your offi ce at Royal Flowers,
                necessary to learn and take what is useful so we can   Q where are you most likely to be?
                grow stronger. Our life experience through time helps    When I’m not at the offi ce, farm or visiting clients,
                us be better at what we do and shapes our future. Being   I like to visit other growers, fl ower markets and breeder green
                future-focused and not afraid to change and adapt is   houses. When I’m not working, I like to visit botanical gardens
                directly related to our corporate relevance and longevity in   for relaxation; exercise at the gym for health; and spend time
                the industry.
                                                                 with my children, usually studying and bike riding.

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