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ç A display should always be the embodiment of the
                                                                  respective holiday it’s representing. In the case of a Hy-Vee
                                                                  in Shawnee, Kan., this Halloween display created by Connie
                                                                  Moll brings on an air of the mystery and mischievousness of
                                                                  the holiday. The display manages to use the black and or-
                                                                  ange of Halloween juxtaposed with brightly-colored bouquets.
                                                                  While the display doesn’t necessarily feature for-sale items,
                                                                  the team at Hy-Vee managed to creatively use fake cobwebs,
                                                                  signs and small white bottles that conjure the feelings of tiny
                                                                  tombstones, to great effect — giving this corner of the store a
                                                                  sort of eye-catching Tim Burton-esque vibe.

               è Highlighting locally grown fall produce, the Wedge Co-op
               in Minneapolis, Minn., used floral, produce, and general mer-
               chandise cross-merchandising for a fun decorative Halloween
               display. Jamie Lehmann, used nesting tables to display an
               array of locally grown flowers and produce, including sunflow-
               ers, pumpkins and decorative gourds to highlight fall bounty.
               And when All Hallows’ Eve comes and goes, the display
               transitions to serve as a festive Thanksgiving-themed display
               as well.  sf


                   This display was entered in the 2017 “Merchandising
                   Award of Excellence” contest. To enter our 2018 contest,
                   sponsored by Super Floral and Syndicate Sales,
                   Inc., visit

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