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             September 2017 / vol. 30, no. 9 /


                                                                         4   perspective
                                                                             A new era at Super Floral
                                                                         5   planning tips
                                                                             Calendar and merchandising ideas
                                                                         6   merchandising merit
                                                                             Halloween and Day of the Dead present unique
                                                                             opportunities for vibrant displays.
                                                                       10    fresh finds
                                                                       41    classified ads
                                                                             advertisers index
                                                                             product and editorial source guide
                                                                       42    stats & facts
                                                                             Halloween purchasing

                                                                         8   The Super Floral Q&A
                                                                             Edwin Verdezoto, president of Royal Flowers
                                                                             International, shares personal and professional
                                                                             insights that have led to his success.
                                                         17            12    Boo!
                                                                             Merchandising inspiration for Halloween and
                                                                             Day of the Dead.
                                                                       14    Insights from Amazon That Can Make
                                                                             Us Better, Too
                                                                             Become the best by learning from the best.

                                                                       17    Focus on Design
                                                                             Floral design inspiration for supermarket and
                                                                             mass-market florists, featuring the latest
                                                                             products and simple how-tos.

                                                                       34    AIFD National Symposium “X”
                                                                             The 50th annual floral design event wowed
                                                                             more than 800 attendees from across the globe.

                                                                       38    Countdown to PMA Fresh Summit
                                                                             Convention & Expo
                                                                             The 68th annual PMA Fresh Summit promises
                                                                             to deliver the usual excitement, with new
                                                                             surprise additions.

                                                                       40    PMA Fresh Connections: Floral Miami
                                                         34                  Miami event splashed headfirst into
                                                                             industry trends and education.

                                                                                   september 2017 /  3
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