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Amazon’s selection or prices. Most often, consumers cited the ease   All in all, it doesn’t matter if a retail channel is online or offline.
             of shopping on Amazon — including its “superior” search and   Consumers don’t look at it that way. They don’t see a separation
             product filtering capabilities — as the primary reason they went to   between the two in the same way we do. Amazon has simply
             the site. Now, Amazon Echoes, also referred to as voicebots, are   developed a total and integrated commerce footprint that continues
             sitting in the homes of more than 11 million consumers, on   to surprise, engage and satisfy its raving fan base. This is achieved
             standby 24/7 to fulfill more than 15,000 commands, including a   by not one component but by numerous components, each one
             shopping list.                                      working in harmony toward the ultimate goal of driving revenue.
                                                                   Indeed, there are many ways in which the Whole Foods Market
                7. HOLIDAY GIFTING In 2017, Amazon Prime         integration may work within this model, or we may learn that the
             launched a same-day Mother’s Day delivery program in 35 major   Whole Foods Market purchase will become the foundation of
             cities. Whole Foods Market launched a similar initiative in 2015 in   something entirely new. But one thing is most certain: All of us in
             15 major markets. Additionally, Amazon’s revenue for gift cards   the commerce business can continue to move toward greatness by
             alone has exceeded $2.4 billion dollars. Without doubt, holiday   learning from the best in the business. sf
             gifting will likely continue to expand as a combined effort once the
             Amazon/Whole Foods Market acquisition is fully consummated.

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             EVENTS Launched in 2014, Amazon’s  Prime Day sales this            12620-3 Beach Blvd; Jacksonville, FL 32246
             year exceeded Black Friday and Cyber Monday, at a growth rate of   844-MYFLORAL (844-693-5672) or 904-327-1951
             60 percent versus prior year and an estimated $1 billion in revenue.
             This initiative has not yet reached its peak, as the goal of Amazon’s
             flywheel approach is to continue to expand Prime Day events in
             both breadth and reach. Stay tuned.

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