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<< Sweetheart Vase (Popsicle teal) and Jordan Vase (Black) from Syndicate
                                                               Sales; Mega Wire (Turquoise) from Smithers-Oasis North America; Dia de los
                                                               Muertos 24” x 24” Sheet (pink with skulls) from Koen Pack; Dia de los Muertos
                                                               Sleeve from Temkin International

                                                                                    Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, and Kristine Kratt,
                                                                                    AIFD, PFCI, are the creative directors behind
                                                                                    Schaffer Designs, a fl oral event company. Bill and
                                                                                    Kris are diverse contributors in the fl oral industry,
                                                                                    specializing in not only trend translations,
                                                                                    education, product development, and showroom
                                                                                    and trade show design but also commissioned
                                                                                    fl oral installations as well as being award-winning
                                                                                    authors. Email and/or

                                                                                   SEPTEMBER 2017 / WWW.SUPERFLORAL.COM 13EPTEMBER 2017 / WWW.SUPERFLORAL.COM 13
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