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                                    BY BILL SCHAFFER, AIFD, AAF, PFCI AND KRISTINE KRATT, AIFD, PFCI

                   he only thing scary about Halloween is wondering if it   you understand the infl uential trends that drive their deci-
                   is passing you by. Are you worrying about whether you   sion-making process infl uencing their gift and décor selections.
             Tshould jump on the bandwagon?                      With online and social media site-searches leading the pack of
             Is Halloween the No. 2 consumer spending holiday in the U.S.   trick-or-treat infl uencers, retail environments come in second in
             like everyone says? After extensive online research, we’ve deter-  inspiring consumers to purchase. A trend-oriented, ghoulishly
             mined that the answer is no, but that doesn’t matter! In 2016, The   delightful display of fl oral bouquets, consumer bunches and
             National Retail Federation ( reported that $8.4 billion   seasonal items may be the perfect merchandising campaign for
             dollars (an all-time high) was spent on this consistently expanding   fl oral departments.
             nontraditional holiday. Between costumes, candy, greeting cards   Hollywood is a major infl uencer on consumers’ Halloween spend-
             and decorations, 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween in   ing habits. Everything from superhero movies to Disney princesses
             2016, and it is expected to increase again this year.  hold the top infl uential positions.
                                                                 Building even greater consumer awareness of the holiday are the
             halloween and fl oral                                2014 20th Century Fox movie The Book of Life and the soon-to-
             The real number for consumers purchasing fl oral goods for   be-released Disney/Pixar movie Coco. These animated musicals
             Halloween is 34.1 percent. That represents more than 58 million   feature stories about the “Day of the Dead” (Dia de los Muertos), a
             people who threw or attended a Halloween party. It is here that fl o-  two-day holiday (Nov. 1-2) that honors the spirits of the deceased.
             ral has an opportunity to take advantage of consumers’ Halloween   With Halloween and Dia de los Muertos only a day apart, many
             gift-giving and décor purchases. Supermarkets are the go-to pur-  partygoers are surrealistically morphing these similar cultural cele-
             chasing destinations for 25.7 percent of the 171 million Batman/  brations, as Deadpool takes a swing at a piñata.
             Witch/Wonder Woman/Vampire/Star Wars-loving consumers.  Here are three Halloween and Day-of-the-Dead trend looks that we
             Catching the eyes of these consumers will be much easier when   are following for 2017. sf

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