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             Merchandising                                                                    P.O. Box 4368
                                                                                              Topeka, KS 66604
             that sells                                                                       (800) 367-4708 n (785) 266-0888
                                                                                              Fax: (785) 266-0333
   As we know, well-executed merchan-             As Chris Carvajal writes, “... With a
dising displays are crucial to grocery store   little creativity and ingenuity, you can put
floral sales. Our customers are often in the    together a lively and effective display on     President/Publisher Travis Rigby
store for reasons other than buying flow-       the cheap. Remember: Constraints drive         Director of Finance/Operations Darin Osterhaus
ers, and we need to draw them into our         creativity.” Chris offers innovative ways to
department with eye-catching, irresistible     create displays that pop, no matter what       editorial
floral displays.                                your budget is. Whether you are a small
                                               store or a large chain, you’ll be sure to      Editorial Director David L. Coake
   Because merchandising is so important,      find ideas that will work for you.              Contributing Writer Amy Bauer
we have devoted this issue to the subject,
with articles that will help you have             n DISPLAY CRITIQUE Do you                                               Cindy McGowan
displays that sell. Here’s a sampling of       sometimes wonder what makes a display                                      Christopher Carvajal
what’s inside:                                 work — or not work? Wonder no more.                                        Cindy Hanauer
                                               On Page 32, Cindy Hanauer takes a look                                     Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI
   n WINNING DISPLAYS On Pages                 at several product displays in our contest                                 Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI
24-31, you’ll see the amazing displays that    and analyzes what was great in them. Cin-
won our 2017 “Merchandising Award of           dy, a veteran floral merchandiser, knows        design
Excellence” contest, co-sponsored with         what she’s talking about, and you won’t
Syndicate Sales. Our first-place winner,        want to miss this must-read article.           Graphic Designer/Photographer Carrie Burgoon
Cheryl Overland of Hy-Vee in Albert                                                           Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton
Lea, Minn., created a display for Valen-          n WHAT’S TRENDING And finally,
tine’s Day that earned a double-digit sales    make sure you check out the latest trends      advertising
increase over the previous year. How did       in merchandising, on Page 22. Trend
she and her team do it?                        experts Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI,        Advertising Sales Director Lisa Strydom
                                               and Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI,                Account Executive Teresa Salts
   The display, whose theme was “Stop          reveal trends and technology that are          Account Coordinator Ralph Granger
Texting...Have A Conversation!” capi-          expected to influence the future of
talized on an issue that is current and        floral merchandising.                           circulation
that customers can relate to. Cheryl also
credits teamwork, interesting visuals and         I hope you use the advice and resourc-      Circulation Coordinator Brenda Wettengel
the use of the entire front end of the store.  es in this issue to create displays that turn  Wholesale and Retail Florist Account Executive
She remarks, “People would walk into the       lookers into buyers. And we hope you
store and stop in their tracks because we      those enter your displays in next year’s                                      Mary Lou Clark
arranged the display in the right place.”      contest — details to come soon! sf             Circulation/Book Sales Marty Bean

   n ON A BUDGET? NO PROBLEM                   Reach Editorial Director David Coake at                                          Judy Bent
We sometimes hear from readers that   or (800) 367-4708.                                         Terry Snook
the displays that win our contest are not
do-able for smaller companies or ones                                                         technology
that don’t invest as much in floral. But
on Pages 34 and 35, we offer five tips for                                                     Director of Technology Shawn Cusolito
creating engaging displays on a budget.
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                                                                                              Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
                                                                                              Debbie Loche, Roche Bros.
                                                                                              Ben Pauley, Passion Growers
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                                                                                              Cindy Rapshus, The Roy Houff Company

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