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   Congratulations! You’ve made it through         And on Page 34, Sandy Schroeck,
the winter/spring holiday gauntlet. After       AIFD, PFCI, has an insightful report on
successfully navigating Valentine’s Day,        what’s hot at the market right now. Sandy   President/Publisher Travis Rigby
Easter and Mother’s Day, and all the smaller    has identified products you must have on     Director of Finance/Operations Darin Osterhaus
holidays, occasions and events in between,      your shelves this holiday season. Use the
you deserve a pat on the back.                  information from both of our trend reports  editorial
                                                to put together looks combining existing
   So sit back, relax and take the summer       and new merchandise to create on-trend      Editorial Director David L. Coake
off. (Just jesting, but wouldn’t it be great?)  themed displays.                            Contributing Writers Amy Bauer

   Yes, the big holidays are behind us, and        n Holiday evergreens are staples for                                  Cindy McGowan
that means it’s time to turn our attention      Christmas and harbingers of the winter                                   Christopher Carvajal
to the huge Christmas season. Accord-           season, and I’m excited to share with you                                Cindy Hanauer
ing to the Society of American Florists         profiles of two of our industry’s leading                                 Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI
(SAF), Christmas/Hanukkah is the biggest        Christmas greens suppliers, Bottomley                                    Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI
floral-buying holiday, accounting for 26         Evergreens & Farms in North Carolina                                     Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, PFCI
percent of the money spent on flowers for        and Hiawatha Evergreens / The Hiawatha
holiday occasions.                              Corporation in Washington. On Page 24,      design
                                                read about the incredible care Bottomley
   That’s a whopping figure, and it under-       and Hiawatha take to ensure you have        Graphic Designer/Photographer Carrie Burgoon
scores the importance of Christmas to the       the freshest Christmas greens possible      Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton
floral industry. And that importance is why      for your customers.
we’ve planned this issue to help you have                                                   advertising
your best Christmas ever.                          n There’s much more, including “Stats
                                                & Facts” on Christmas sales on Page 42      Advertising Sales Director Lisa Strydom
   Throughout this issue, you’ll find            and Christmas design ideas on Pages 10      Account Executive Teresa Salts
design ideas, product and merchandising         and 12. But we also haven’t forgotten that  Account Coordinator Ralph Granger
inspiration, supplier profiles and helpful       you have sales to make right now. On Page
data. Here’s a look at just a few of the        32, Cindy Hanauer offers 10 strategies for  circulation
articles that are designed to give you the      overcoming the summer sales doldrums.
information you need for a successful                                                       Circulation Coordinator Brenda Wettengel
Christmas season.                                  So sit back, relax and take a break to   Wholesale and Retail Florist Account Executive
                                                read this issue, and then get ready for an
   n We’ve asked floral industry experts         amazing Christmas season! sf                                                 Mary Lou Clark
to give us their insights on the motifs,                                                    Circulation/Book Sales Marty Bean
themes and products that will permeate          Reach Editorial Director David Coake at
the marketplace this season. On Page 28, or (800) 367-4708.                                      Judy Bent
trend spotters Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI                                                                                     Terry Snook
and Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI have
identified four merchandising and product                                                    technology
themes that are important and prominent
for Christmas 2017 and beyond.                                                              Director of Technology Shawn Cusolito

                                                                                            editorial advisers

                                                                                            John Agnew, Whole Foods Market, Inc.
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                                                                                               Micky’s Minis Flora Express
                                                                                            Debora Coleman, Albertsons LLC
                                                                                            Kevin Coupe,
                                                                                            Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
                                                                                            Debbie Loche, Roche Bros.
                                                                                            Ben Pauley, Passion Growers
                                                                                            Stan Pohmer, Pohmer Consulting Group
                                                                                            Cindy Rapshus, The Roy Houff Company

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