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MAY 2017 / vol. 30, no. 5 /  departments

                                    18             4	perspective
                                    29           	 The value of floral trade shows

                                                   6	 planning tips
                                                 	 Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                                  8	 merchandising merit
                                                 	 Red, white and beautiful

                                                 10	 design of the month
                                                 	 Patriotic picnic

                                                 12	 workbench basics
                                                 	 Plants plus

                                                 14	 cut flower	     	       	       	  	

                                                 16	 blooming plant

                                                 38	 around the industry

                                                 41	 classified ads

                                                 41	 advertisers index and
                                                 	 editorial source guide

                                                 42	 stats & facts
                                                 	 Father’s Day


                                                 18	 Cooperation and Contributions:
                                                             Promoting the Floral Industry at
                                                             the Philadelphia Flower Show

                                                 	 A behind-the-scenes account of what it takes
                                                 	 to design a massive floral display at the
                                                 	 nation’s largest flower and garden show —
                                                 	 and the benefits it creates for the industry.
                                                 21	 The Super Floral Q&A
                                                 	 One of the floral industry’s most likable and
                                                 	 respected leaders, Design Master’s Dwight
                                                 	 Larimer, discusses the principles and ethics
                                                 	 that guide both his business management
                                                 	 style and personal life.
                                                 25	 All Parts Working Together
                                                 	 Getting the most out of industry trade shows.
                                                 29	 IFE Sneak Peek
                                                 	 Exhibitors preview all-new products that will
                                                 	 debut at the June show.
                                                 35	 IFE Education Program Highlights
                                                 	 A preview of the International Floriculture
                                                 	 Expo Education Day schedule.

                                                 On the Cover
                                                 A portion of The Sun Valley Group’s
                                                 booth at the 2016 International Floriculture Expo.

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