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workbench basics                                                                            To see a video of these techniques,
                                                                                            go to
 joyful teardrop

Trailing bouquets are
gaining in popularity
again, and the classic
single-pointed oval
version is flattering
to many dress styles
and body shapes.


   A cluster of fragrant stocks arranged into the base of a round bouquet, along with lace  MATERIALS: Hybrid tea roses, ‘Bach’ LA hybrid
and muslin ribbon, transforms it into a vintage inverted-teardrop bouquet (also known       (Royal) lilies and Hypericum from The Sun
as single-pointed oval). This compact, slightly cascading style first became popular in the  Valley Group; stocks from Ocean View
1930s and is finding favor again today among many brides because of its romantic and         Flowers; sweet William (Dianthus) from Ball
universally flattering form. sf                                                              SB; Gypsophila from Danziger – “Dan”
                                                                                            Flower Farm; Italian Ruscus and salal from
12 WWW.SUPERFLORAL.COM / APRIL 2017                                                         supplier of your choice; Venus Bouquet
                                                                                            Holder Ultra from Syndicate Sales; Oasis
                                                                                            Lace Wrap (Ivory), Oasis Raw Muslin (Natu-
                                                                                            ral), Oasis Floral Adhesive and Oasis Florist
                                                                                            Wire from Smithers-Oasis North America.
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