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design of the month

                spring free

        A colorful, free-form and easy-to-create design will delight
                customers with the casual feeling of springtime.

   As if springing up from the ground, the bulb flowers in this unstructured arrangement jubi-          MATERIALS: ‘Telstar’ Irises, ‘Corgy Light
lantly fan out from the ornamental kale featured as its focal point, to evoke the ebullient feelings    Carmine’ ornamental kale (Brassica),
of the spring season. Enhanced by a distressed picket-fence-style container and featuring shocks        ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses, parrot tulips
of bear grass tied with yellow bows, the design offers just the thing for customers seeking an          and bear grass from The Sun Valley
seasonally celebratory gift or self purchase. sf                                                        Group; White Fence Planter from
                                                                                                        burton + BURTON; October Brown
10 / march 2017                                                                     Colortool Spray from Design Master
                                                                                                        Color Tool; Grosgrain ribbon (Baby
                                                                                                        Maize) from Lion Ribbon Company/
                                                                                                        Offray; Black Licken Moss from Knud
                                                                                                        Nielsen Company.

                                                                                                      DESIGN BY LORI MCNORTON
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