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merchandising MERIT

               giving a hoot

                  Departments share unique ideas for engaging
                         Mother’s Day and Easter promotions.


               At a Stater Bros. Markets store in Wil-
        domar, Calif., Prea Jones created a “Home

          Is Where Your Mum Is” theme to celebrate
              Mother’s Day. Displays featured a wide

          array of potted orchids, roses, lilies and, of
            course, Chrysanthemums, as well as cut
            flower bouquets and arrangements of all
                  sizes, prices and descriptions. Prea
            incorporated an owl motif throughout her
                  product displays, on balloons, signs
              confections and more, to recognize the
                       owl-like wisdom of mothers of all

         generations. She also cross-merchandised
          candles, plush, candy, cookies, cupcakes

               and more to make shopping easy and
                       convenient for customers and to
                              entice multiple purchases.

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