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table ofCONTENTS                          february 2017 / vol. 30, no. 2      departments

                                                       4 perspective
                                                                 Thinking ahead to spring

                                                       6 planning tips
                                                                 Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                                     10 design of the month
                                                                 Growing beauty

                                                     12 workbench basics

                                                     14 Care and Handling of Cut Flowers
                                                                 Tropical flowers

                                                     16 blooming plant
                                                                 Spring bulb gardens

                                                     41	 classified	ads
                                                                 advertisers index
                                                                 product source guide

                                                     42 stats & facts
                                                                 Easter and Mother’s Day

                                      24 features

                                          8 Giving a Hoot
                                                   Departments share unique ideas for
                                                   engaging Mother’s Day and Easter

                                          18 Trend Primer
                                                     The influence of tropical flowers is every
                                                     where. Is your department capitalizing on
                                                     the trend?

                                          20 The Super Floral Q&A
                                                      Getting to know Golden Flowers’ Gabriel
                                                      Becerra, as he discusses his love and
                                                      enthusiasm for our industry.

                                          22 Gardening Trends
                                                     Eight trends inspire “clean gardening”

                                          24 Selling Flowers in Paradise
                                                     Diversity is the name of the game in Safeway’s
                                                     Hawaii floral operations, which cater to both
                                                     locals and tourists.

                                          	28	 Buyin’	Hawaii
                                                      The how and why of buying from
                                                      Hawaiian growers and wholesalers.

                                          30 Prom Gear for Every Promgoer
                                          Inspiration and options galore, featuring
                                                      products from our industry’s prom pros.
                                      28  34 Keep Calm and Prom On!

                                          The top five ways to add glam and
                                          sparkle to your prom business.

                                          36 Products We Love
                                                      This product showcase features suppliers’
                                                      newest merchandise for this upcoming spring.

                                          Cover photo: Alexander “Alika” Logan, operations specialist with Safe-
                                          way in Hawaii, photographed at the Kihei, Maui Safeway store by Sarah
                                          Collier, Taken by Sarah Photography

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