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             have your                                                                       P.O. Box 4368
             best year                                                                       Topeka, KS 66604
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   We’re ringing in a new year, and it’s our   highlights of what’s in store:                Fax: (785) 266-0333
goal at Super Floral to help you and your         n We’re thrilled to have mass-market
floral team have your best one ever. To
make that goal a reality, we’re introducing    floral expert Cindy Hanauer continue as        President / Publisher Travis Rigby
new features and bringing back several         a columnist. In this issue, she writes that   Director of Finance/Operations Darin Osterhaus
favorites, all in an effort to give you the    the upcoming Tuesday Valentine’s Day has
information you need to increase your          the potential for blockbuster sales. Turn to  editorial
sales, engage your customers and inspire       Page 26, and read how you can have your
your employees.                                best Valentine’s Day ever.                    Editorial Director David L. Coake
                                                                                             Contributing Writers Cindy Hanauer
   We’re starting the year with a big             n Stan Pohmer, renowned floral in-
change as we say farewell to Cindy             dustry consultant, returns after a two-year                                 Stan Pohmer
McGowan, who has left Super Floral to          absence from these pages to write a must-                                   George Staby, Ph.D.
take a position that gives her more time to    read “State of the Industry” report (Page                                   Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI
spend with a family member who has dealt       33). Stan analyzes the latest consumer                                      Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI
with serious health issues over the past       research to offer insights and strategies                                   Cindy McGowan
two years. We will miss Cindy’s contribu-      that will help you boost your floral sales.                                  Amy Bauer
tions as editor but understand the need to                                                                                 Matthew Kelly
be with her family. I’m happy to say that         n Last year, we interviewed floral direc-                                 Michael Hooper
she will contribute articles periodically,     tors about their leadership philosophies as   Intern Fatima Oubaid
so you likely will see her name in our         part of the “Super Floral Q&A.” This year,
masthead from time to time.                    we are asking the same questions of floral     design
                                               suppliers and other leaders. This month,
   As the editorial director for Super Floral  we talked with Carlos Oramas of The           Art Director Johnna Pasch
for the past 14 years, I worked closely        Gems Group, and you can read about his        Graphic Designer/Photographer Carrie Burgoon
with Cindy to craft the content of the mag-    passion for our industry on Page 36.          Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton
azine, and I’m looking forward to having
even more of a more hands-on role as I            n We know trend reports are import-        advertising
take over her editorial duties.                ant to you, and this year, we’ll bring you
                                               insights from two of the best forecasters     Advertising Sales Director Lisa Strydom
   I’ve had more than 40 years experience      in the floral world, Bill Schaffer, AIFD,      Account Executive Teresa Salts
in the floral industry, including ownership     AAF, PFCI, and Kristine Kratt AIFD,           Account Coordinator Ralph Granger
of my own flower shop as well as positions      PFCI. Look for their reports on products,
at a wholesale florist, a wire service and a    colors and styles in upcoming issues of       circulation
floral design school, and my experience         Super Floral (Page 18 in this issue).
has given me insight into the joys and                                                       Circulation Coordinator Brenda Wettengel
challenges that come with a floral career.         We are excited about 2017 and the          Wholesale and Retail Florist Account Executive
I know how hard you work to make your          possibilities it brings. Here’s to your best
sales goals, satisfy your customers and        year ever. sf                                                                Mary Lou Clark
bring beauty into the world.                                                                 Circulation/Book Sales Marty Bean
                                               Reach David Coake at
   That’s why I am excited about this issue    or (800) 367-4708, ext. 520.                                                    Judy Bent
and the ones to come. Here are just a few                                                                                      Terry Snook


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                                                                                             Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
                                                                                             Debbie Loche, Roche Bros.
                                                                                             Ben Pauley, Passion Growers
                                                                                             Rita Peters, Hy-Vee, Inc.
                                                                                             Stan Pohmer, Pohmer Consulting Group
                                                                                             Cindy Rapshus, The Roy Houff Company

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