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table ofCONTENTS                          january 2017 / vol. 30, no. 1      departments

                                            4 perspective
                                                      Have your best year ever

                                            6 planning tips
                                                      Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                            8 designs of the month
                                                      Romantic garden

                                          10 workbench basics
                                                      Sweet sentiments

                                          14 blooming plant

                                          40 around the industry
                                          41	 classified	ads

                                                      advertisers index
                                                      product source guide
                                          42 stats & facts
                                                      Valentine’s day

                                      11 features

                                          16 Nouvelle Roses
                                                      Rose breeders reveal their latest varieties —
                                                      just in time for Valentine’s Day.

                                          18 Trend Primer
                                                      How trends are born, identified and affect
                                                      consumers’ purchasing behavior.

                                          20 Sellable Sentiments
                                                      Check out the unique Valentine’s Day
                                                      displays from entrants in our 2016
                                                      merchandising contest.

                                          25 Calling for entries
                                                      Submit photos of your best displays
                                                      to the “Merchandising Award
                                                      of Excellence” contest.

                                          26	 Finally!	A	Tuesday	Valentine’s	Day
                                                      Cindy Hanauer shares tips for planning a
                                                      successful weekday holiday.

                                          28 Jewel-Osco Floral
                                                      Flower-lovers in the Windy City are drawn by
                                                      this Chicago store’s high-quality products.

                                          33 The State of Our Industry
                                                      Stan Pohmer’s assessment of where our
                                                      industry stands and what might be ahead.

                                          36 The Super Floral Q&A
                                      28  Getting to know Carlos Oramas of
                                          The Gems Group.

                                          38 Care and Handling of Cut Flowers
                                                      Good and bad practices explained.

                                          Cover photo by Sarah Collier, Taken by Sarah Photography

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