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Tie decorative wire to the backside of the
package through the holes, creating a
wire pick to insert into the design.

luscious love                                                                                 MATERIALS: 'Freedom' roses, Gypsophila,
                                                                                              leatherleaf fern and variegated oregonia
   As simple tokens of affection, affordable, easy-to-design arrangements can incorpo-        from Royal Flowers; ceramic Heart Vase
rate alluringly packaged candy to attract Valentine's Day shoppers looking for a simple       (Red) from Diamond Line Containers;
something. With a "love"-ly three-loop bow as its focal point, this design combines a         Oasis Etched Wire (Silver Matte) from
trio of red roses and a box of truffles — banded with the same ribbon — in a charming          Smithers-Oasis North America.
and affordable presentation that might encourage multiple purchases.
                                                                                         JANUARY 2017 / WWW.SUPERFLORAL.COM 11
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