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                halloween spending

                Surveys reveal consumers’ frightfully fun-loving
                                 Halloween spending plans.

The most recent Halloween           per-person spending                                                              BUYING TIME
survey from the National Retail
Federation (NRF) reveals            Americans over the age of 18 expected to                                         The first two weeks of October are by far
consumers’ spending habits          spend $74.34 each on Halloween last year.                                        the best time for Halloween sales.
and inspirations for Halloween
celebrations. Information here
is from the NRF unless other-
wise mentioned.

hot spots

Consumers reported the various
places they prefer to make Hallow-
een purchases.
        32.6%                                                                                                        n Before September: 6.4%
                24.8%                                                                                                n September: 27.7%
                        19.2%                                                                                        n First two weeks of October: 40.9%
                                17.3%                                                                                n Last two weeks of October: 25.0%

                                                  Costumes: $27.33                                                   who’s buying
                                                                Candy: $23.10
                                                                                Decorations: $20.34                  Consumers between ages 18 and
                                                                                              Greeting cards: $3.57  24 are the most active Halloween
                                    $6.9 BILLION                                                                     participants.
                                    The amount of money consumers planned
n Discount store                    to spend on Halloween in 2015.                                                     18-24: 81.7%
n Specialty/costume store
n Grocery store/supermarket         celebration styles                                                                 25-34: 79.0%
n Department store
n Online                            Halloween shoppers also shared how                                                 35-44: 74.7%
                                    they intend to celebrate the holiday.
                                                                                                                       45-54: 60.5%
                                                                                                                       55-64: 51.3%
Two of five (41.1 percent) con-
sumers over the age of 65 plan to                                                                                      65+: 42.3%
purchase their Halloween-related
products from a grocery store
or supermarket.

                                                                                                                     did you know
                                                                                                                     Modern Halloween is thought to have de-
n 18-24: 17.4%  n 45-54: 23.0%      n Hand out candy: 67.8%                                                          scended from the ancient Celtic holiday
n 25-34: 18.0%  n 55-64: 28.9%      n Decorate home/yard: 44.8%                                                      Samhain, once observed by the Celts at
n 35-44: 17.5%  n 65+: 41.1%        n Dress in costume: 43.5%                                                        the end of the harvest season. Believ-
                                    n Carve a pumpkin: 41.0%                                                         ing that the beginning of winter brought
                                    n Throw/attend a party: 31.5%                                                    roaming ghosts from the realm of the
                                    n Take children trick-or-treating: 27.5%                                         dead, the Celts wore costumes and built
                                    n Visit a haunted house: 18.2%                                                   bonfires to escape the specters’ atten-
                                    n Dress pets in costume: 12.9%                                                   tion. As cultures and traditions evolved,
                                                                                                                     Halloween emerged from these rituals
                                                                                                                     over time, eventually becoming the fun-
                                                                                                                     filled holiday we know today.

                                                                                                                     Source: History,              sf

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