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roche bros.                                    it with bouquets and plants. She created the basket from produce bins that she
                                                 wrapped with lattice-print paper, made a handle from lime-green pool noodles
    HEADQUARTERS Wellesley, Mass.                and topped it with a mesh bow.
    STORES Twenty stores in eastern and
    southern Massachusetts                          She made the second basket look similar to the first but used an octagonal
    FOUNDED 1952                                 display table as its base, giving it a more round appearance. It featured cut tulips
    OWNERS The Roche family                      and daffodils, potted Hydrangeas, bunny balloons and candy. The basket was easy
    EMPLOYEES 4,600                              to shop, which Janet says helped boost sales of cut tulips. “The display brought the
    FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral depart-  tulips to hip and waist level rather than their usual spot around the knees, which
    ments, offering custom designs, and wed-     kept customers from having to bend to pick up their selections,” she explains.
    ding, sympathy, prom and event services
    FLORAL BUYER/MERCHANDISER Debbie Loche       holiday abundance
    WEBSITE                       Janet’s department features multiple areas for product display, and she used
                                                 each one to showcase Easter products. A large step display that curves around a
  are you the next winner?                       window was abloom with plants, including Hydrangeas, Easter lilies and mums,
                                                 both in grower sleeves and upgraded. “Customers were hit with a mass of color
    Enter the 2017 “Merchandising Award of       and fragrance as they passed by,” Janet remarks. “Most couldn’t help stopping and
    Excellence” contest, sponsored by Super      grabbing a plant.”
    Floral and Syndicate Sales, Inc. We’ll
    have more details on entering the contest       In fact, she shares, potted Hydrangeas were one of the holiday’s best-sellers. Janet
    In our October issue.                        also was pleased with Easter lily sales, which were up from 2015.

18 / august 2016                Other areas offered pink-sleeved pink-and-white “Bunny Bouquets”; potted or-
                                                 chids; Easter-themed giftware; miniature white potted mums with googly eyes and
                                                 bunny ears; and stylish arrangements, some of which featured fresh carrots and
                                                 asparagus. Janet also merchandised bulb plants, bouquets and cut tulips outside
                                                 the store.
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