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the baskets with several vignettes that featured mass displays
of blooming plants, gorgeous arrangements, novelty items and
cross-merchandised products, all accented with eye-catching
flower-shaped signage.

   Janet reports the display drove both sales and customer
excitement. “There were a lot of wows,” she shares. “They were
impressed and in awe. The size and colors just drew them in.”

   The display also wowed the judges in the 2016 “Merchandis-
ing Award of Excellence” contest, sponsored by Super Floral and
Syndicate Sales, Inc., who named her the contest winner. For
her efforts, the judges awarded Janet a trip to the International
Floriculture Expo in Chicago, Ill., in June, where Kelvin Frye,
director of sales and marketing for Syndicate Sales, presented her
an engraved commemorative vase during a reception for attend-
ees. Syndicate Sales also is sponsoring a one-day vase giveaway
event for floral customers at her store.

the easter baskets                                                   (opposite page) This is one of the baskets that Janet Markowicz, floral manager
   When Janet, who has been with Roche Bros. for 24 years,           at Roche Bros. in Milllis, Mass., created for her award-winning Easter display.
moved to the Millis store in 2013, she discovered it had the space
and display fixtures for the giant Easter baskets she wanted to      (top, left and right) The display’s novelty arrangements added a touch of whimsy
make. And because produce and floral are close to each anoth-        to the promotion.
er, she decided to design a promotion that bridged both areas.
“There’s a fine line between floral and produce in our store; they   (bottom right) This basket was situated in an area that produce and floral share,
blend,” she explains. “There’s no real definition between the two,   giving it great visibility, and Janet filled it with grapes from produce and floral
other than the product, so we just merged the two together for       items from her department.
the holiday.”

   Janet situated one basket in an area that often is used to show-
case both produce and floral, filled it with grapes and surrounded

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