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blooming plant

              garden mums

Both popular and affordable, these hardy beauties provide a seasonal
   and often final flourish of flowering color to consumers’ gardens.

‘Cheryl Golden’                       availability                                  decorative life

Photo: Syngenta Flowers               Garden mums are generally avail-              These plants can flower for several
                                      able from mid- to late July through           weeks, usually in the fall, but they can
‘Gigi Orange’                         October, depending on region.                 also flower in the spring, depending
                                                                                    on variety and temperate zone. Many
Photo: Syngenta Flowers               outdoor and                                   gardening authorities recommend
                                      consumer care                                 not allowing garden mums to flower
BOTANICAL NAME                                                                      in the spring, advocating, instead,
Chrysanthemum x morifolium            LIGHT These plants grow best in full          pinching off new growth from early
COMMON NAMES                          sun (at least 6 hours a day); however,        July through mid-August, depending
Garden mum, Hardy mum                 because fall garden mums are in bloom         on hardiness zone, to encourage
                                      when sold, they can tolerate light            branching, increase the number of
garden mums                           shade. If customers intend to keep            flowers, and keep plants compact
versus florist mums                   these plants as perennials, they must         and mound shaped.
                                      be planted in sunny locations.
Garden (or hardy) mums and florist    WATER Water garden mum plants thor-           fun facts
mums come from the same parents,      oughly when soil feels dry to the touch.
but garden mums are hybridized        Never allow plants to wilt. Check mums        FAMILY MATTERS Chrysanthemums are
to produce underground stolons        in containers daily because they can dry      members of the huge Asteraceae
(shoots or roots that produce new     out quickly. Water newly planted mums         (Compositae) family. Close relatives
growth), which enable them to better  daily during the first week, then two or      of Chrysanthemums include Ger-
survive cold weather. Florist mums,   three times per week. Established plants      beras, Dahlias, Calendulas, Zinnias,
which are grown in greenhouses        in the ground should be fine with natu-       marigolds, marguerites, sunflowers,
and bred primarily for use as indoor  ral rainfall, but in droughts, supplemen-     China asters and more.
houseplants, produce few, if any,     tal watering is needed.
underground stolons.                  FERTILIZER Feed garden mums set out           HOME SWEET HOME These plants are
                                      in the spring once or twice a month           native to China and Japan.
                                      through July with a general purpose
                                      fertilizer. Don’t feed plants set out in the  WHAT’S IN A NAME The genus name
                                      fall and intended as annuals; however,        “Chrysanthemum” comes from
                                      if you hope to overwinter them, fertilize     the Greek words chryos (golden)
                                      the plants with a high-phosphorous            and anthos or anthemon (flower).
                                      fertilizer to stimulate root growth.          The species name “morifolium”
                                      GROWING MEDIA These plants require            means mulberry-leaved. The “X”
                                      well-drained soils amended with               in the botanical name means the
                                      organic matter. In sandy soils, work a        plant is a hybrid of at least
                                      3- to 4-inch layer of peat or compost         two species.
                                      into the top 6 inches of soil.
                                                                                    ROYAL TIES In the fifth century, the
                                                                                    chrysanthemum became the em-
                                                                                    blem of Japan’s imperial family.
                                                                                    The Chrysanthemum Throne is the
                                                                                    common term for the Imperial House
                                                                                    of Japan, which is the oldest conti-
                                                                                    nuing hereditary monarchy in the
                                                                                    world (more than 2,700 years,
                                                                                    125 monarchs). sf

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