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      enhanced mums

Embellish plants with permanent leaves and sisal to
                create lasting autumn designs.

                                                                                                 how to

   When the summer heat subsides and leaves turn into canvases of color, entice autumn
sales by offering upgraded plants embellished with elements of the season. To enhance
potted Chrysanthemums, drape a garland of permanent leaves intertwined with sisal
around the rim of a plant basket, creating an ideal presentation for a porch, table or
seasonal gift.

MATERIALS: Chrysanthemum plant and basket from favorite suppliers; Fall Oak Leaf Garland from    Intertwine sisal with a garland of permanent
Regency International; Sisal Cord from Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims; 13" Teak Plate from Jamali  leaves, and affix the garland to the plant with
Floral & Garden Supplies; Butterfly Pick from burton + BURTON.                                   wood picks and wire.

12 / august 2016                                                                                DESIGN BY LORI MCNORTON
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