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deA flosraltination

A Price Chopper store’s                                     queen’s price chopper
makeover grows sales
and customer excitement.                                          STORES Five stores in suburban Kansas City, Kan.; the flagship is
                                                                   in the Stanley neighborhood of Overland Park, Kan.
by cynthia l. mcgowan
                                                                  FOUNDED In 1974
   What can a dynamic store makeover, exciting new                OWNERS The Queen family
products and innovative merchandising do for your                 STORE SIZE Ranges from 45,000 to 85,000 square feet
floral sales? For Queen’s Price Chopper in Overland               FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE Ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet,
Park, Kan., those elements have led to sales increases             depending on the store
of 25 percent per year since the 2014 makeover, with
loyal customers returning nearly every day to see                 FLORAL EMPLOYEES Ranges from one to six per store
what’s new.                                                       BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and fall
                                                                  FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral departments, offering custom
   In fact, shares Robin Byrd, AIFD, the store’s floral            designs; delivery; and wedding, sympathy, prom and
and bakery director, a frequent floral purchaser joking-           event services
ly once asked her, “ ‘Why is our grocery bill so high?’ It
was one of the biggest compliments we’ve ever had.”               FLORAL DEPARTMENT’S CONTRIBUTION TO STORE SALES 2.75 percent
                                                                   in the flagship Stanley store
18 / july 2016
                                                                  FLORAL/BAKERY DIRECTOR
                                                                   Robin Byrd, AIFD

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