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blooming plant                                   amaryllis

These awesome seasonal favorites are now available in more
colors and blooms types than ever — so be sure to stock up.

‘Jungle Star’ (butterfly flowered / H. papilio)   care and handling                          decorative life

   BOTANICAL NAME                                  LIGHT Potted amaryllises require as       Potted amaryllises can last from 10
   Hippeastrum spp.                                much bright indirect light as possible    to 24 days, depending on the variety
                                                   during their active growing period,       and care. Individual blooms typically
    (hi-PEE-strum, hip-ee-AS-trum)                 but they must be protected from direct    last two to five days each.
                                                   sunlight. Too little light can cause
   COMMON NAMES                                    stems to weaken. Rotate pots regularly    bloom types
   Amaryllis, Barbados lily                        to prevent the stalks from growing
                                                   toward the light.                         Amaryllises’ showy blooms are
 availability                                      WATER During these plants’ growth         trumpet shaped and range from 3
                                                   and flowering periods, keep the soil      to 8 inches in diameter. There are
  These plants are generally always                consistently moist. Take care to not wet  generally three to five blooms atop
  obtainable in November and De-                   the top of the bulb when watering.        each stem. Bloom types include:
  cember, but some growers produce                 TEMPERATURE Amaryllises prefer cool       n single flowered, with six “petals”
  these plants from as early as Octo-              temperatures (55 F to 70 F) during        n double flowered, with 12 “petals”
  ber through as late as April or May.             their growth and flowering stages.        n triple flowered, with 18 “petals”
  Check with your favorite supplier(s).            FERTILIZER Feed potted amaryllises with   n small flowered / miniature
                                                   a balanced all-purpose fertilizer every   (Hippeastrum gracilis), with smaller
 reblooming                                        10 days during their growth and flow-     blooms and shorter stems; can be
                                                   ering periods, or apply a controlled-     single flowered or double flowered
      After the flowers fade, cut off the          release fertilizer at the beginning of    n trumpet, with smaller but more
  stalks level with the top of the bulb,           the growth period.                        elongated trumpet-shaped blooms
  and continue to feed and water the               HYDROPONIC GROWING Amaryllises can        n spider / cybister (Hippeastrum
  plant every two weeks. Allow the                 be grown in water (as well as soil)       cybister), with narrow to extremely
  leaves to dry gradually, then cut                by placing the bulb atop the rim of a     thin “petals,” creating a lilylike or a
  them off, and place the potted bulb              water-filled container, allowing only     spiderlike appearance
  in a cool (50 F), dark space for 10              the base of the bulb and/or the roots to  n butterfly / orchid (Hippeastrum
  to 15 weeks.                                     be in contact with the water.             papilio), with varying sizes of petals,
                                                   GROOMING Remove pollen-bearing            creating a butterflylike or an orchid-
      Six to eight weeks before you                anthers as blooms open, and cut off       like appearance.
  want it to rebloom, repot the bulb into          blooms as they fade.
  fresh soil, in a pot that leaves 2 inch-                                                   fun facts
  es on all sides between the bulb and           ‘Jewel’ (double flowered); photo: iBulb
  the pot’s edge. Place the bulb high                                                        FAMILY MATTERS The genus Hippeas-
  in the pot so that the top one-third to                                                    trum is a member of the Amaryllida-
  one-half of the bulb is above the soil.                                                    ceae family. Close relatives include
  Water well, and place the planted                                                          Nerine (spider lily, Guernsey lily),
  bulb in a cool (60 F), low-light space                                                     Clivia (kaffir lily), Eucharis (Eucharist
  for about four weeks or until new                                                          lily) and Narcissus (daffodil / jonquil /
  growth reaches about 6 inches. Then                                                        paper-white).
  move the plant to a warmer, brighter                                                       HOME SWEET HOME Amaryllises are
  environment; water consistently; and                                                       native to the Caribbean region and
  fertilize every 10 days.                                                                   to tropical and subtropical South
                                                                                             America (Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile
16 / july 2016                                                           and Argentina).

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