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                                                                candle addition options

   Festively frosted compartment designs such as this
may appeal to certain shoppers looking for more than
simple holiday gatherings of cut flowers. To accent and
expand on an arrangement of fresh flowers and foliages,
place a potted Cyclamen, candles and ornaments of your
choosing into sections of a vintage drawer container to
enhance the design and enrich customers’ homes for the
duration of the winter season, even after the cut flowers
and foliage have faded. sf

                                      See “How To” on Page 38.

                                                                Use candleholders or taped wood picks to incorporate
                                                                the candles into designs. (To find out how to affix candles
                                                                using wood picks and floral tape, check out the “How To”
                                                                in “Design of the Month” on Page 12).

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