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kimberly queen floral

                                                                  Barry’s attention to the perishable areas includes the gorgeous floral department,
                                                               which is the first thing customers see when they walk through the front doors.
                                                               “He understands the importance of what floral brings to the store,” Robin shares.
                                                               “There’s nothing more attractive than a really nice-looking floral department.”

                                                                  That’s true in all three of the Price Chopper floral departments that Robin
                                                               directs. In addition to the Overland Park store, she oversees floral in nearby Paola
                                                               and Bonner Springs. The stores are smaller, but they nonetheless have full-service
                                                               departments stocked with attractive merchandise. Each is branded “Kimberly Queen
                                                               Floral,” with the name on signage, business cards and marketing materials.

                                                               a can’t-miss department

                                                                  In the Overland Park store, Robin attributes the department’s astounding 25 per-
                                                               cent sales increases during each of the past two years to the remodel, which tripled
                                                               the size of the existing department to nearly 2,000 square feet; enticing merchandis-
                                                               ing displays; and the addition of home décor items. Products sell quickly, and Robin
                                                               often finds herself remarking, “‘We just filled this and it’s empty; we have to order
                                                               more.’ That’s a good problem to have.”

                                                                  The department’s size allows Robin and the floral team, which includes Floral
                                                               Manager Phyllis Shea, to always have as many as six merchandising vignettes at a
                                                               time. For example, in May, store visitors were greeted by a pretty yellow and rob-
                                                               in’s-egg blue display of blooming plants and cut flowers, with chalkboard signage
                                                               that said, “Ahh... Yellow Makes Us Smile.”

                                                                  As customers walked further into the department, they encountered five other
                                                               color-blocked displays, all featuring plants, flowers and appealing home décor
                                                               items. Throughout the vignettes, rustic chairs and tables, often purchased at thrift
                                                               stores, added to the displays’ shabby-chic appeal.

                                                                  The department has a large custom wrap-around cooler, with bouquets on one
                                                               side and beautiful arrangements on the other. A huge curved shelving unit features
                                                               plants that are color-blocked for impact. Throughout the department, signage
                                                               reminds customers that they can buy a vase, pick their flowers and have someone
                                                               from the six-person floral team create an arrangement.

                                                                  Robin uses floral design elements when she creates displays. “I’m a floral de-
                                                               signer, so when I look at our department, I look at it as one big arrangement,” she
                                                               explains. The chief consideration is effective use of color. “The first thing people are
                                                               drawn to is color,” she reminds.

                                                                  Robin also makes sure to use the entire space, from the ceiling to the floor. For
                                                               example, the May displays included tall arches as well as rustic window panes
                                                               descending from the ceiling. “I’m going to capitalize on the space I have and make
                                                               sure customers see that it’s a department they need to go into, whether they need
                                                               something specific or not,” Robin declares.

                                                                  The floral merchandising begins even before customers enter the store. Robin and
                                                               the floral staff offer seasonal products throughout the year along the entire front.
                                                               “We make the outside just as enticing as the inside,” she remarks.

(above) Vintage display elements create an inviting tone.      looking for what’s new

(top) The Kimberly Queen Floral logo graces signage and           Once inside, shoppers make sure to browse the floral departments’ constantly
all marketing materials.                                       changing home décor line. “Our customers always look for what’s new,” Robin
                                                               expresses. “They don’t want to see the same thing over and over.”
(middle) Floral/Bakery Director Robin Byrd, AIFD, uses floral
design elements when she plans merchandising displays.            Robin purchases giftware for the three floral departments and keeps up on trends
                                                               through Pinterest, trade and consumer publications, and lifestyle shows on televi-

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