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excellenceA reputation for

The floral departments at Raley’s                                              STORES A total of 122 stores in Northern California
Family of Fine Stores showcase the                                             and Nevada: 72 Raley’s; 20 Bel Air Markets; 21
company’s commitment to customers.                                             Nob Hill Foods supermarkets and nine Food
                                                                               Source stores
by cynthia l. mcgowan                                                          HEADQUARTERS West Sacramento, Calif.
                                                                               FOUNDED In 1935 by Thomas P. Raley
   Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, a 122-store regional chain that serves       OWNERS The Raley and Teel families
Northern California and Nevada, has a national reputation for excel-           PRESIDENT AND CEO Mike Teel
lence in customer service and community engagement. The company’s              ANNUAL REVENUE $3 billion
commitment to its loyal clientele is reflected in the floral operation, which  STORE SIZE Ranges from 15,000 square feet to
delights customers with high-quality service and products.                     38,000 square feet of selling space
                                                                               FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE Averages 600 to 800
   “Our company has a great reputation,” confirms Cindy Raley,                 square feet
associate category manager for produce and floral. “It is built on having      COMPANY EMPLOYEES 12,000
the finest-quality perishables and world-class service, as well as on the      FLORAL EMPLOYEES Depends on the size of the store;
cleanliness of our stores.”                                                    ranges from one to five per store
                                                                               BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Valentine’s Day and
   Indeed, Raley’s, a third-generation family-owned company, has won           Mother’s Day
numerous accolades over the years, both nationally and locally. It consis-     FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral departments, offer-
tently places among the nation’s top 10 grocers in Consumer Reports’ con-      ing custom designs and wedding, sympathy, prom
sumer satisfaction surveys, and it has received praise for its environmental   and event services
and sustainability efforts.                                                    SENIOR DIRECTOR OF PRODUCE AND FLORAL Greg Corrigan
                                                                               ASSOCIATE CATEGORY MANAGER FOR PRODUCE AND FLORAL
   Raley’s also is known for its deep involvement in the community, with       Cindy Raley
programs for the hungry, foster youth and many other local causes. “We         PROCUREMENT ANALYST Erin Vickerman
have an excellent reputation in the community because we participate in        WEBSITE
so many public events,” Cindy remarks. (See more about Raley’s philanthro-
py in “A Commitment to the Community,” Page 29.)                                                     june 2016 / 27
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