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cut flower


  These trendy blooms are favorites of florists and consumers alike.

                                             ‘L.A. Dreamin’                        care and handling                         tion and recut the stems every other
                                                                                                                             day to ensure continuous, uninhibited
                                                                 Ball Ornamentals  See “General Cut Flower Care” at          uptake of solution.
BOTANICAL NAME                                                                     In addition to those basic steps,         REFRIGERATION Immediately after pro-
Hydrangea                                                                          Hydrangeas require the following          cessing, place Hydrangeas into a floral
                                                                                   specific care procedures.                 cooler at 36 F to 41 F, with a humidity
 (hy-DRAN-juh, hy-DRAN-jee-uh)                                                                                               level of 80 percent to 90 percent, for
                                                                                   STEM CUTTING Unpack Hydrangeas            at least two hours before arranging or
COMMON NAMES                                                                       immediately upon arrival in your store,   selling them. Except for design time,
Hydrangea macrophylla:                                                             and promptly recut stems with a clean,    keep these flowers refrigerated until
                                                                                   sharp knife or pruner, removing at        they’re sold or delivered.
  hortensia, mophead hortensia,                                                    least 1 inch of stem, including any old
  lacecap hortensia, garden                                                        woody stem tissue.                           Note: Hydrangeas do not tolerate
  Hydrangea, big-leaf Hydrangea,                                                                                             prolonged refrigeration well, so use or
  French Hydrangea                                                                    Note: Do not crush or smash the stem   sell them within three days of receipt.
Hydrangea paniculata:                                                              ends because this will damage the
  panicle Hydrangea,                                                               stems’ vascular system and inhibit the    “HOME REMEDIES” There are many tech-
  peegee Hydrangea                                                                 uptake of flower food solution.           niques that florists across the country
                                                                                                                             use to treat cut Hydrangeas, but many
vase life                                                                          HYDRATION TREATMENT Immediately           have not been tested in a laboratory
                                                                                   after recutting the stem ends, dip or     situation, have been proved to provide
Depending on the care they receive,                                                place them into a hydration solution      negligible results or even harm the
the variety and their maturity at the                                              to help the flowers take up nutrient      flowers. While we cannot recommend
time of sale, cut Hydrangeas can                                                   solution more quickly. Hydrangeas are     any care and handling techniques that
last five to 10 days at the consumer                                               particularly thirsty flowers, and they    haven’t been scientifically tested, a
level. They tend to do best in vase                                                easily become water stressed, especially  large grower of Hydrangeas in Cal-
arrangements.                                                                      during dry shipping, so placing these     ifornia suggests placing Hydrangea
                                                                                   flowers into a regular hydration solu-    stems in hot water for five seconds
buying tips                                                                        tion treatment at room temperature        immediately after cutting them, before
                                                                                   for 30 minutes to one hour could be       the hydration solution treatment, and
Hydrangeas are moderately sensitive                                                more effective than dipping the stems     immersing wilted blooms in cold water
to ethylene gas and may exhibit                                                    into a quick-dip hydration solution       for one hour to rehydrate them.
flower shattering when exposed to it.                                              treatment.
Check with your supplier to confirm                                                                                          fun facts
that an ethylene inhibitor is applied                                              FLOWER FOOD Following the hydration
at the grower or during transporta-                                                solution treatment, place Hydrangea       WHAT’S IN A NAME The name “Hydran-
tion. Also, protect these flowers from                                             stems into a sterile storage container    gea” comes from the Greek roots
sources of ethylene gas (ripening                                                  half-filled with properly proportioned    hydro/hydra (water) and angos/
fruit, aging and decaying flowers                                                  nutrient solution. Research shows that    aggos/angeon (jar or vessel). The
and foliages, smoke, and vehicle                                                   these flowers are particularly respon-    names refer to the plant’s require-
exhaust) in your facilities.                                                       sive to cut flower food. Because cut      ment for lots of water and to its seed
                                                                                   Hydrangeas are heavy drinkers and can     capsules, which the ancient Greeks
                                                                                   wilt easily, check the flower-food solu-  thought resembled cups. The spe-
                                                                                   tion level in storage and arrangement     cies name “macrophylla” (mak-row-
                                                                                   containers daily, and change the solu-    FILL-uh) means large-leafed.

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