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table ofcontents                                                    june 2016 / vol. 29, no. 6                                departments

ON THE COVER: Photos of miniature roses and callas courtesy of       4	 perspective                                                  6	 planning tips
                                                                     8	 hot options
                                                                    10	 workbench basics
                                                                    12	 cut flower
                                                                    60	 around the industry
                                                                    65	 classifieds
                                                                    65	 ad index/editorial source guide
                                                                    66	 stats & facts


                                                                    17	 The American Floral Trends
                                                                    	  Forecast 2016-2017
                                                                10  	  Here are the flowers, design styles,

                                                                    	 color palettes snd products that will
                                                                    	 mark your department as a style leader.

                                                                    27	 A reputation for excellence
                                                                    	 The floral departments at Raley’s
                                                                    	 Family of Fine Stores showcase the
                                                                    	 company’s commitment to customers.

                                                                    33	 The Super 10
                                                                    	 Super Floral’s exclusive annual listing
                                                                    	 of the nation’s top grocery companies.

                                                                    39	 Your labor investment
                                                                    	 Maximize sales potential by getting the
                                                                    	 right employees in your departments.

                                                                    43	 Floral job outlook
                                                                    	 Employment of supermarket florists is
                                                                    	 expected to grow by 5 percent during
                                                                    	 the next eight years.

                                                                    47	The Super Floral Q&A
                                                                    	 Debora Coleman of Albertsons
                                                                    	 discusses the importance of coaching
                                                                    	 others to success.

                                                                    51	 Flourishing flowering plants
                                                                    	  Everything you need to know about
                                                                27  	  eight of the most popular

                                                                    	 blooming plants.

                                                                    57	 The Expo Keynote
                                                                    	 Doug Stephens, noted retail futurist, will
                                                                    	 talk about positioning your business for
                                                                    	 success in an always-changing world.

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