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prom services
   The spring brings plenty of design work for the staff, in-
cluding proms and graduations. “Prom is a big event,” Cindy
remarks. The floral team designs custom corsages and bou-
tonnieres, and teens also can choose from a vendor-provided
selection that has options for customizing colors and accessories.
“They can go as high end as they want,” Cindy explains.

   To publicize prom work, the floral managers call local schools
to find out the dates, and then use fliers, signage and social
media posts to encourage early ordering. They also do so for
graduation flowers.

a culture of loyalty
   The departments’ biggest source of publicity, however, is
word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. Many of
the florists have worked for Raley’s for years, and they develop
long-term working relationships with their clients. “At least 50
percent of our floral managers have been with us for more than
10 years,” Cindy shares.

   That longevity is not uncommon at Raley’s, which has a cul-
ture that focuses on taking care of both customers and employ-
ees. In a message from President and CEO Mike Teel marking
the company’s 80th anniversary last year, he wrote about the
company’s vision for the future, including continued employee
commitment: “We’ll invest in our people, offering a great place
to work with common goals and values among passionate and
dedicated team members,” he pledged.

   Cindy affirms the company’s emphasis on employee care.
“It’s like a big family,” she enthuses. “Raley’s is a very special
place to work.”

a commitment to the community                                       (top photo) The corporate floral team includes Erin Vickerman, procurement an-
                                                                    alyst, left, and Cindy Raley, associate category manager for produce and floral.
   Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has a reputation for               (middle and bottom photos) The thriving outdoor program offers a full selection
community involvement and corporate philanthropy.                   of garden plants in the spring.
On its website, the company writes, “Raley’s proudly
donates to organizations in our communities through-                                                 june 2016 / 29
out Northern California and Nevada.”

   Programs the company supports include:

FOOD FOR FAMILIES Founded in 1986 by Raley’s former
owner Joyce Raley Teel and former President Chuck
Collings, Food For Families has helped raise more
than $33 million and donated more than 24 million
pounds of food to fight hunger.

nered with iFoster, an organization that supports
foster children, to develop a new hiring program for
foster youth who are close to aging out of the system.

Launched in October, this initiative provides field trips
for students to local cattle ranches and farms, offering
education on agriculture, conservation, nutrition and
healthy lifestyles.
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