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keynote lunch                                             average sale. In this information-packed
                                                                                             and fast-paced program, Tim will cover
                                      The keynote lunch, on Monday, June 20, will            the principal methods of his process and
                                   feature retail business strategy expert Doug Ste-         give you the tools, inspiration and direc-
                                   phens, who will bring his wealth of experience            tion to put them into play at your business
                                   and in-depth knowledge to the floral industry.            right away.
                                                                                             PRESENTER: Tim Huckabee, AIFSE,
                                      “He’s been called one of the most influential          FloralStrategies
                                   retail futurists on the planet,” shares Christine
                                   Salmon, show manager. “His content is very                3:45-4:45 P.M.
                                   customized, so we can’t wait to hear his analysis         GLOBAL TRENDS TRANSLATED TO
                                   of this industry as it relates to huge shifts in the      SUPERMARKET FLORAL
                                   retail world and how consumers purchase and
                                   interact with products.”                                     Sunshine Bouquet Company designer
                                                                                             René van Rems, AIFD, teaches super-
                                      Look for more information about Doug’s pre-            market floral buyers how to achieve floral
                                   sentation in the June issue of Super Floral.              programs that capture consumer interest
                                                                                             with unique products, color palettes, top-
Super Floral at the show                        PRESENTERS: Peggy Williams, burton +         of-mind marketing campaigns and distinc-
                                                BURTON, and Robert De Bellis, AIFD,          tive bouquet construction.
   Super Floral will take part in the Interna-  PFCI, World Class Flowers                    PRESENTER: René van Rems, AIFD,
tional Floriculture Expo (IFE) Toast to the                                                  Sunshine Bouquet Company
Industry Reception and the exhibition:          10:30-11:30 A.M.
                                                POST-HARVEST CARE & HANDLING                 5-7 P.M.
MONDAY, JUNE 20                                                                              TOAST TO THE INDUSTRY RECEPTION
   At 5 p.m., during the IFE Toast to the          This hands-on session addresses
                                                the biggest challenges your floral team         This always-popular evening features
Industry Reception, representatives from        faces in the daily care and handling of      a live Chicago jazz band, drinks and
Super Floral and Syndicate Sales, Inc.          flowers. With easy, quick and proper         hors d’oeuvres to kick off the fun factor
will announce the winners of the 2016           solutions to prevent mistakes—including      at IFE. The reception also features the
“Merchandising Award of Excellence”             innovative products and simple tools—        announcement of the winners of the 2016
display contest.                                get your “why?” and “how?” questions         “Merchandising Award of Excellence”
                                                answered when it comes to post-              and this year’s honoree in the Flower
TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 AND 22           harvest care.                                Naming Ceremony.
   Please stop by the Super Floral booth,       PRESENTER: Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
                                                                                             TUESDAY, JUNE 21
No. 644. Share ideas, visit with magazine       NOON-1 P.M.                                  9-10 A.M.
staff and take a look at the extensive se-      KEYNOTE LUNCH: WHAT’S IN-STORE?              GENERATING BUZZ THROUGH CREATIVE MARKETING
lection of inspiring floral-related publica-    PRESENTER: Doug Stephens, retail industry
tions in our bookstore.                         futurist and founder of Retail Prophet. See     Conducting a successful public rela-
                                                details at the top of this page.             tions and social media campaign for your
education program                                                                            company involves a lot more than sharing
                                                1:15-2:15 P.M.                               pretty posts. Join the Society of American
   (Schedule is subject to change. For          ACROSS THE POND: A LOOK AT EUROPEAN          Florists’ (SAF) vice president of marketing
more information, visit     SUCCESS STORIES                              in an in-depth discussion of SAF’s
                                                                                             #petalitforward campaign. Session attend-
MONDAY, JUNE 20                                    Europe is known for being ahead of the    ees also will learn how to create their own
7:30-9 A.M.                                     curve when it comes to floral trends. In     successful campaigns.
RISE AND SHINE: TRENDS OUTLOOK 2017             this session, learn what is coming across    PRESENTER: Jennifer Sparks, vice president
BREAKFAST WITH DEBI LILLY                       the pond in the future. A panel of inter-    of marketing for the Society of American
                                                national experts will provide insight on     Florists (SAF)
   Explore the latest trends from Debi Lilly,   the latest in-store promotions and trends
event designer, Pinterest expert and the        that are driving consumer purchases of       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22
innovator behind Debi Lilly Design for          flowers overseas.                            9-10 A.M.
Albertsons Safeway. She will share the top      PRESENTERS: Birgit Seemann, Deco-            U.S. CONSUMER FLORAL PURCHASING TRENDS AT
trends for 2017 in product development,         wraps Europe, the Netherlands; Made-         THE MAJOR FLORAL CHANNELS
floral design and branding.                     lon Balm, Roselife, the Netherlands; and
PRESENTER: Debi Lilly, Debi Lilly Design for    Steve Swainston, The Flower Hub, United         Floral market research leader Tom
Albertsons Safeway                              Kingdom                                      Prince will review a decade of consumer
                                                                                             floral market data to reveal valuable
9:15-10:15 A.M.                                 2:30-3:30 P.M.                               insight on growth and strengths in
RED CARPET MERCHANDISING                        SERVE BETTER TO SELL BIGGER                  different floral channels, changing
                                                                                             channel shares and which channels
   After a red carpet photo op, take               The president of FloralStrategies, Tim    are experiencing increasing consumer
your seats for the main event. In this          Huckabee, AIFSE, will introduce you to       satisfaction scores.
interactive session, you will learn how         the basics of the FloralStrategies methods   PRESENTER: Tom Prince, president, Prince
award-winning merchandising displays            of giving superior service to increase the   & Prince, Inc. sf
are created and hear “acceptance
speeches” from the winners on how they
created their merchandising successes.

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