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workbench basics                                                                                  To see a video of these techniques,
                                                                                                  go to

centerpiece know-how

Arrange botanicals into a foam-filled container to
              create a sphere-shaped design.

   Featuring gorgeous hot pink roses as its focal flower along with carnations,           how to
Alstroemerias and other complementary florals, this vibrant round centerpiece
design promises to brighten your customers’ home and event tables. Using                          Arrange longer stems
a straightforward method for achieving just the right shape, creating designs                     first to set the outer
like this provides ideal beginnings for floral designers in training. sf                          limits of the design
                                                                                                  and to help you begin
MATERIALS: Roses, Lisianthuses, carnations, spray carnations and Alstroemerias from Con-          creating a balanced
tinental Flowers; Limonium and leatherleaf fern from suppliers of your choice; ECOssen-           round assemblage. Ar-
tials 5” Antique Pink Cylinder from Smithers-Oasis Company; Artesia The Floral Spa wet            range additional flowers
floral foam from FloraCraft; Atlantic Brand Waterproof Tape from Milton Adler Company.            within the established
                                                                                                  parameters to create a
                                                                                                  symmetrical half-sphere-
                                                                                                  shaped design.

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