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table ofcontents                          may 2016 / vol. 29, no. 5      departments

                                           4	 perspective
                                           6	 planning tips
                                           8	 design of the month	
                                          10	 workbench basics	
                                          38	 around the industry
                                          41	 classifieds
                                          41	 ad index/editorial source guide
                                          42	 stats & facts	


                                          12	 Making an impact with floral
                                          	 Miss Cordelia’s in Memphis
                                          	  delights customers with its
                                      10  	  upgraded floral department.

                                          17	 New blooms for 2016
                                          	 The world’s preeminent cut flower
                                          	 breeders introduce their latest
                                          	 innovations and discuss the bloom
                                          	 creation process.

                                          22	 Nurturing your department’s
                                          	 financial roots
                                          	 Follow our guide to profitability,
                                          	 and your floral business will reach
                                          	 new heights.

                                          25	The Super Floral Q&A
                                          	 Liane Mast of Stater Bros. Markets
                                          	 explains how businesses benefit when
                                          	 employees are listened to.

                                          27	 IFE’s winning partnerships
                                          	 Collaborations with United Fresh, FMI
                                          	 Connect and Global Cold Chain Expo
                                          	 promise more business opportunities
                                          	 for floral attendees.

                                                   31	 IFE Sneak Peek

                                      12 	 Exhibitors preview all-new
                                                  	 products that will be at the June show.

                                          36	 Thanksgiving Planner
                                          	 Six months out: Time to order your
                                          	 Thanksgiving offerings.

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