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                                                                     social media

Here are statistics and tips to help you decide where
          and how to invest in social networking.

rapid rise                                                           FACEBOOK IS KING

In 2005, when Pew Research Center                                    Facebook continues as the top social media platform, with 72 percent of adult
began tracking social media, only                                    online Americans using it and 62 percent of the total adult population subscrib-
7 percent of adults used social-                                     ing. Here’s how five top social media sites compare.
networking sites. Today that number
has risen to 65 percent.                                             Platform                                                               23%  % of Internet users	
                                                                                                                                         20%     % of adult population
Source: Pew Research Center;                           Twitter

DAILY ENGAGEMENT                                                     LinkedIn                                                               25%
Facebook and Instagram have the
most users who access the sites daily.                               Instagram                                                              28%
                         Daily Weekly Less often
                                                                     Pinterest                                                                31%
     Facebook 70% 21% 9%                                                                                                                 26%

     Instagram 59% 17% 23%                                           Facebook                                                                                                     72%
     Twitter 38% 21% 40%
                                                                     Source: Pew Research Center;
     Pinterest 27% 28% 44%
                                                                     social investment                                                   not just for the young
     LinkedIn 22% 30% 46%
                                                                     Companies expect to more than                                       Although young people ages 18 to 29
Source: Pew Research Center;                     double the share of their marketing                                 are the most likely to use social media,
                                                                     budgets spent on social media over                                  a significant number of older adults also
get noticed                                                          the next four years, from 10.7% today                               are users.
                                                                     to 23.8% in 2020.
Try these tips to promote your depart-                                                                                                   Age          Percentage
ment on social media.                                                Source: The CMO Survey;                           18-29
FFollow the one-in-seven rule.
                                                                                                                                         30-49                                             77%
Only one in seven of your posts
should promote your business; the                                    USERS BY INCOME                                                     50-64                          51%
remaining six should focus on sharing
valuable content, including posts from                               Members of high-income households                                   65 or older              35%
the community.                                                       are more likely to use social media.
                                                                                                                                         Source: Pew Research Center;
FAsk conversation-starter ques-
                                                                     Percentage                           78%                            1.59 billion
tions. Most people enjoy sharing their                                                69% 72%
opinions, so ask Facebook fans to                                                                                                        That’s the number of active monthly
weigh in on topics that are relevant to                                          56%                                                     Facebook users. Other platforms and
your business and interesting to them.                                                                                                   their monthly users:

FShare your expertise. Post                                                      Less than $30,000                                           YouTube: 1 billion
                                                                                             $30,000-$49,999                                 Google+: 540 million
little-known, fun facts in the form                                                                      $50,000-$74,999                     Instagram: 400 million
of questions with a special offer                                                                                    $75,000 and higher      Twitter: 320 million
presented to the first person to                                     Household                                                               Vine: 200 million
answer correctly.                                                    income                                                                  LinkedIn: 100 million                                sf
                                                                                                                                             Pinterest: 100 million
FProvide value. It’s important to                                    Source: Pew Research Center;
                                                                                                                                         Source: The Social Media Hat;
create content that benefits your
followers. That can mean posting tips
on care and handling and product
trends, or offering special deals.

FCreate a Pinterest board. Make

sure the board has eye-catching
visuals, and be sure to encourage
followers to re-pin.

Source: Excerpted from “Eight Best Practices to Promote your
Business on Social Media,” by Christopher (Chris) Litster, Constant
Contact, Inc.;\

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