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cut flower


     These popular mothlike orchids bring a touch of contemporary
          elegance to weddings and events, home décor, and more.

                                                                   Westland Orchids  care and handling                          (possibly near the door) of your regu-
                                                                                                                                lar floral refrigerator. Allow all flowers
BOTANICAL NAME                                                                       See “General Cut Flower Care” at           to hydrate for at least two hours before
Phalaenopsis amabilis                                                       In     arranging or selling them.
                                                                                     addition to those steps, Phalaenopsis
 (fay-len-OP-sis, fal-en-OP-sis,                                                     orchids require the following specific     REHYDRATING WILTY BLOOMS If individ-
  uh-MAB-uh-lis, uh-MOB-uh-lis)                                                      care procedures.                           ual blooms or blooms on stems arrive
                                                                                                                                dehydrated and don’t revive after pro-
COMMON NAME                                                                          STEMS OF ORCHIDS If stemmed orchids        cessing, float them in room-tempera-
Moth orchid                                                                          are shipped in water tubes, remove         ture water for 10 to 15 minutes. Upon
                                                                                     the vials, and recut stems at an angle     removing them from the water, gently
vase life                                                                            with a sharp, sterile blade, removing at   shake off excess moisture (water left
                                                                                     least 1 inch of stem. You may cut stems    on petals can cause blemishes). Then
Depending on the care they receive                                                   either in air or under water; however,     recut stems again, and return them to
and maturity at the time of sale,                                                    if you cut stems under water, change       water tubes or containers with flow-
stems of cut Phalaenopsis orchids                                                    the water (or flower-food solution)        er-food solution. Make sure blooms are
can last two to three weeks, or lon-                                                 frequently to prevent it from becoming     completely dry before placing them
ger, at the consumer level. Individual                                               contaminated with bacteria. Immedi-        into a floral cooler.
blooms, in water, typically last five to                                             ately after cutting the stem ends, dip or
seven days.                                                                          place them into a hydration solution,      NO TOUCHING During storage, ensure
                                                                                     then place them back into water tubes      that blooms do not rub against each
buying tips                                                                          or into clean, disinfected storage or      other or cooler walls; this can cause
                                                                                     display containers filled with properly    blemishes or bruises on the petals.
n Select stems with well-formed                                                      proportioned flower-food solution.
blooms and no more than two or                                                       INDIVIDUAL BLOOMS If blooms are            fun facts
three unopened buds. Inspect                                                         shipped in water tubes, empty the
blooms for bruises, brown edges,                                                     water tubes, and refill them with          WHAT’S IN A NAME The genus name
translucent petals, dried patches on                                                 fresh properly proportioned flow-          “Phalaenopsis” derives from the
petals and/or damaged pollen caps.                                                   er-food solution. Recut the flower         Greek words “phalaina,” meaning
n Make sure stems are sturdy and                                                     stems, and replace them into the water     moth, and “opsis,” meaning resem-
green, with no signs of yellowing or                                                 tubes and back into their boxes or a       blance. The Latin species name
brown spots.                                                                         display apparatus.                         “amabilis” means lovely.
n Phalaenopsis orchids are sensi-                                                                                               FAMILY TREE These tropical flowers
tive to ethylene gas, so make sure                                                   REFRIGERATION Immediately after pro-       are a member of the huge Orchida-
your purchases are treated with an                                                   cessing, place Phalaenopsis orchids into   ceae (orchid) family. Common rela-
ethylene inhibitor at the grower or                                                  a floral cooler, at 55 F to 60 F (these    tives include Cattleya, Cymbidium,
during shipping.                                                                     flowers are chill sensitive) and 90        Dendrobium, Oncidium and Vanda,
                                                                                     percent humidity. If refrigeration at 55   among scores of others.
                                                                                     F to 60 F is not possible, store stems     HOME SWEET HOME These exotic
                                                                                     of Phalaenopses at room temperature.       blooms are native to tropical South-
                                                                                     With individual blooms, store them in      east Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambo-
                                                                                     an insulated box in the warmest area       dia and Vietnam); the Philippines;
                                                                                                                                Malaysia; Indonesia; New Guinea;
                                                                                                                                and northern Australia. sf

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