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workbench basics                                                                                             To see a video of these techniques,
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        foam prep

Discover five techniques for soaking, shaping
                and placing floral foam.

soaking a foam brick

   As one of the most common design aids in the floral industry, floral foam can help keep
certain types of designs secure, fresh and presentable. (Artesia The Floral Spa Instant wet
floral foam from FloraCraft is used in the “how to” for this technique.)

STEP 1 Float a floral-foam brick in a tub of flower-  STEP 2 Let the foam sink on its own to take up water.  STEP 3 Remove the foam from the flower-food
food solution, with the words facing upward and       Pushing the foam down into the solution causes air     solution after it sinks to the bottom of the tub and
the holes (instant foam) facing downward for          bubbles to form and creates dry spots inside the       bubbles stop floating upward from it. Depending
proper hydration.                                     foam bricks.                                           on the brand and type of floral foam you use, it can
                                                                                                             take from about 30 seconds to one minute (some-
                                                                                                             times longer) for a full brick to fully soak.

specialty-shaped foam

   Not all floral foam fits easily into tubs or buckets, but specialty-shaped foam can be
thoroughly and easily soaked with proper techniques. (18-inch Mâché Open Heart foam form
from Smithers-Oasis Company is used in the “how to” for this technique.)

STEP 1 Place the specialty-shaped foam into a         STEP 2 Let the foam soak until bubbles have            STEP 3 Rotate the foam, and repeat step one on
tub of flower-food solution. Do not push the foam     stopped rising from it.                                another section of the foam. Repeat steps one
downward; let it sink on its own until a section of                                                          and two until the foam is fully soaked.
the foam is submerged.

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