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because it’s nice to pick up a quick birthday or get-well gift,” Patti  lot,” Lesley shares, and while she acknowledges that being in the
expresses. The owners also are pleased. “They’ve been really happy      spotlight can be a little nerve-wracking at times, it’s a great way to
with the sales,” she confides.                                          get to know customers.

“we make good use of the space”                                            If they can’t find what they want in the grab-and-go cooler, cus-
   The store’s commitment to floral is evident in the space dedicat-    tomers often ask the staff to create designs while they continue their
ed to the department. At approximately 700 square feet, the large,      shopping. Floral services also include weddings, sympathy and
airy department features inviting displays of flowers, plants and       events, including homecoming and prom. The department offers
giftware. “We have a pretty good-size corner of the world in here,”     limited delivery, mostly to area funeral homes. (Read more about
Patti describes.                                                        Shop ’n Save’s wedding services in “The Wedding Business,” Page 24.)

   Customers can choose flowers from two floral coolers — an            building through relationships
open-air fixture for bouquets and a three-door cooler that hous-           Satisfied customers help spread the word about Shop ’n Save’s
es arrangements. Several fixtures offer a wide variety of giftware,     high-quality florals and engaging customer service. The store’s
including plush, candles, figurines, bookmarks and flags, and           employees also serve as floral department ambassadors, Lesley ex-
customers always will find an ample selection of Sarris Candies, a      presses. “They like to come in and look at what we have, and then
popular locally made brand. A large overhead balloon corral holds       they tell their friends,” she elaborates.
inflated balloons, inspiring impulse sales of these profit-generating
add-ons. “We make good use of the space,” Patti confirms.                  Social media helps reach a broader audience. In addition to her
                                                                        floral duties, Lesley manages both the department’s and the store’s
   Patti changes the look of the department often, to keep custom-      Facebook pages. For the floral department, she posts photos of de-
ers enticed and to rekindle interest in slow sellers. Admires Lesley,   sign work and merchandising displays as well as information about
“She’s very good at moving things around and making them look           specials. She also posts photos of design work on Instagram.
brand new.”
                                                                           The marketing efforts have paid off, with Patti and Lesley devel-
in the spotlight                                                        oping regular customers who seek them out for their floral needs.
   The floral department also features a work counter where cus-        “People get to know you and your style,” Patti explains. Adds
tomers can watch Patti and Lesley create custom designs, arrange-       Lesley, “My customers just tell me what to spend and then trust
ments for the cooler, candy bouquets (all custom made) and more.        me to do an awesome job.”
Shoppers enjoy seeing the two designers at work, and they often
stop to chat and ask about what they are making. “It happens a             The designers are proud of the engaging relationships they have
                                                                        developed with their clients. Shares Lesley, “A lot of our customers
                                                                        are like our friends.”

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