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The friendly florists at

 Shop ’n Save
Patti Dean, left, and Lesley Cain

   What do you get when you combine an enthusiastic, friendly             The floral department grows
floral team with store ownership that supports floral? At Shop
’n Save in Bethel Park, Pa., the result is a floral department that       thanks to engaging service and an
delights customers and has grown sales by 40 percent in the past
two years.                                                                expanded product selection.

   “This company likes floral,” affirms Patti Dean, floral manag-         by cynthia l. mcgowan
er, who runs the department with the help of Lesley Cain, floral
designer, and two part-time clerks. “They want us to do whatever             shop ’n save
we need to do to make it a profitable department.”
                                                                             LOCATION Bethel Park, Pa.
floral upgrade                                                               OWNERS The Duritza family
   The store is one of the more than 90 independently owned and              STORE SIZE 70,000 square feet
operated Shop ’n Save stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York,            FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE Approximately 700 square feet
Ohio and West Virginia. The Bethel Park, Pa., location is owned by           STORE EMPLOYEES 135
the Duritza family, who purchased the store in August 2014.                  FLORAL EMPLOYEES Two full time and two part time
                                                                             FLORAL’S CONTRIBUTION TO STORE SALES 1 percent to
   Before the Duritzas took over, the floral department was limited          1.5 percent
to mostly cash-and-carry florals, balloons and chocolates. With              BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Mother’s Day, followed by
the new owners, though, came opportunities to expand products,               Valentine’s Day
especially in giftware.                                                      FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral department, offering
                                                                             custom designs and wedding, sympathy, prom and
   Today, the store offers full floral services, as well as an extensive     event services
selection of giftware. The owners encourage Patti to try new sup-            FLORAL MANAGER Patti Dean
pliers and products and send her on buying trips to stay on top of           FLORAL DESIGNER Lesley Cain
the latest trends. “You don’t know if you’re going to sell something         WEBSITE
unless you give it a try,” reminds Patti, who has been with Shop ’n          FACEBOOK PAGE
Save for 24 years.

   The reaction to the floral upgrade has been overwhelmingly
enthusiastic. “Customers and employees alike are thrilled with it

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