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(above and opposite page) The floral department at Peterson’s Fresh Market      what sells best
is known for its stylish and unique custom designs for all occasions, includ-      Heidi Newman, floral manager for Peterson’s Fresh
ing prom, weddings and sympathy. All designs are made in-house.                 Market, orders products for the floral department from
                                                                                the store’s primary supplier, Associated Food Stores,
(top) A cooler full of rose designs has several sizes and price ranges, giving  as well as local floral wholesalers. Deliveries arrive at
customers plenty of choices.                                                    least three to four times a week and sometimes daily
                                                                                during busier times.
                                                                                TOP SELLERS Dozen-rose bouquets and mixed bouquets
                                                                                are the department’s best sellers. “I refill my bouquet
                                                                                cooler almost daily,” Heidi describes.
                                                                                ARRANGEMENTS The department is known for its custom
                                                                                designs, but it also keeps a large supply of grab-and-
                                                                                go arrangements in the cooler. The store is near a hos-
                                                                                pital, so people often stop in to pick up designs to take
                                                                                to patients. New baby arrangements do especially well.
                                                                                BUNCHES The extensive selection of single stems and
                                                                                bunches includes lilies, Hydrangeas, Hypericum and
                                                                                spray mums, with Gerberas selling best. “I can’t keep
                                                                                them in stock,” Heidi remarks. “People just love them.”
                                                                                PLANTS The department keeps a large selection of plants
                                                                                in the store, including Cyclamen, Kalanchoes, azaleas,
                                                                                Hydrangeas and foliage plants. In the spring, the de-
                                                                                partment offers a small selection of outdoor plants.
                                                                                BALLOONS AND GIFTWARE Customers love balloons, Heidi
                                                                                shares, and the department keeps a wide variety
                                                                                inflated and on racks. It also offers giftware, including
                                                                                home décor items. sf

                                                                                Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at
                                                                       or (800) 355-8086.

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