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unique designs                                                       the prom business
   Today, the store provides a full range of floral services, in-
cluding events, sympathy and delivery. The floral department’s          With three high schools in the area, dances are “a big deal,”
signature items are unique arrangements that can’t be found          Heidi expresses. For homecoming or prom, the department handles
elsewhere, Brandon expresses. “Our custom designs are a              as many as 300 corsages and boutonnières.
calling card for us,” he remarks, and some have sold for as high
as $300.                                                                The store markets prom business through fliers, newspaper
                                                                     advertising and visits to the high schools. Word-of-mouth advertis-
   Heidi stays on top of design trends by attending seminars         ing from pleased students also has helped build the business.
conducted by local wholesalers as well as the store’s primary
supplier, Associated Food Stores. She also researches consum-           Reflecting the store’s emphasis on offering unique products, the
er preferences on Pinterest, Facebook and other social media.        department custom-designs all personal flowers. “We’re still what I
                                                                     consider ‘old school,’” Heidi describes. “We make all the bows, we
   Heidi, a one-woman department, makes all the floral arrange-      wrap and tape every single flower, and we hand-make every wristlet
ments, including those in the cooler for grab-and-go customers.      and corsage. It’s a more personalized service.”
If a shopper doesn’t find what he or she needs in the cooler, Hei-
di will make a custom item on the spot. “That happens several           Heidi acknowledges that creating all custom designs can be time
times a day,” she describes.                                         consuming, but she insists the effort pays off. “I have a lot of repeat
                                                                     customers from our local high schools,” she comments.
   The department handles about eight to 10 weddings a year,
and most of those include setup at the venue. Much of the            quality control
wedding business comes from word-of-mouth customers, but
the store also advertises its nuptial services in its weekly ad and     During busy times like dance season, Valentine’s Day and Moth-
on Facebook.                                                         er’s Day, Heidi draws help from other areas of the store to keep up
                                                                     with the demand. The same staffers help out, ensuring continuity
   Referrals also have helped grow the sympathy business. The        and quality. “We have two or three people in the store who have
local funeral director is a Peterson’s customer, and he sends sym-   experience, who I’ve trained,” Heidi says.
pathy business to the floral department, Heidi shares.
                                                                        When she has extra help, Heidi keeps a close eye on their work
   Heidi designs in front of customers in a work area that is to-    to make sure customers are getting the topnotch products they
ward the back of the store but still visible to shoppers. Creating   expect. “I’m always checking quality,” she describes.
floral designs where shoppers can watch is an effective no-cost
way to show them the services and products the department can           That close attention to detail, along with friendly service
provide, and it also helps build relationships with customers,       and unique, beautiful designs, has helped make the business
Heidi notes.                                                         a destination department. Heidi confirms, “We have a lot of satis-
                                                                     fied customers.”
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