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triple-flower bud vase

                                                                       Using few floral elements, this multistem bud-vase design
                                                                    offers high perceived value to customers. Loops of lily grass
                                                                    add geometric interest to catch the eye of anyone looking for
                                                                    an artfully simple something.

                                                                    MATERIALS: Miniature Gerberas from Rosa Flora; miniature Hydrangeas,
                                                                    leatherleaf fern, lily grass, Ruscus and plumosa fern from favorite sup-
                                                                    pliers; Clear Glass Vase from burton + BURTON; Sheer Bella Striped
                                                                    ribbon from Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims.

                                                                    how to

                                                                            Place a stem or two each of leatherleaf fern
                                                                            and plumosa fern into a bud vase. Then
                                                                            place a stem of miniature Hydrangeas into
                                                                            the vase, in front of the ferns, just above the
                                                                            rim of the vase. Next add three Gerberas,
                                                                            one at a time, starting with the tallest and
                                                                            staggering the stem lengths of the other two
                                                                            so that all blooms will be at slightly different
                                                                            heights. Make sure all flowers face forward.
                                                                            Add other foliages of your choice, such as
                                                                            lily grass (Liriope), with which you can make
                                                                            decorative loops, to further stabilize the flow-
                                                                            ers. Finally, place a three-loop (bow-tie-style)
                                                                            bow at the rim of the base, just below the
                                                                            miniature Hydrangea.

mixed flower arrangement

   Featuring an array of flowers and foliage, this lush
gathering is relatively quick and easy to create because
of the tape grid across the opening of the vase.

MATERIALS: Irises from The Sun Valley Group; ‘Majolika’ spray ros-
es, Alstroemerias and miniature Hydrangeas from favorite sup-
pliers; 6½-inch Gathering Vase from Syndicate Sales; Grosgrain
ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company; ½-inch Oasis Clear Tape
and Uglu Adhesive Dashes from Smithers-Oasis Company.

how to

        Create a grid of clear tape over the open-                          february 2016 / 19
        ing of a cylindrical container, placing two
        strips parallel to each other and two oth-
        ers perpendicular to the first two. Place
        three stems of leatherleaf fern into the
        vase, through the tape grid, to begin cre-
        ating a base into which you can arrange
        the flowers. Place the stems of miniature
        Hydrangeas and Alstroemerias first, low
        in the vase. Then arrange the spray roses
        and Irises among the other flowers. Deco-
        rate the vase with a five-loop Dior-inspired
        bow, adhering the ribbon to the vase with
        adhesive strips.
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