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‘Telstar’                                                                    ‘Dutch Master’                                 ‘Scarlet Royal’
                                               Dutch hybrid Iris                                                                 Trumpet Narcissus                       Large-cupped Narcissus

                                                                  The Sun Valley Group                                                          Pacific Flower Shippers                                         iBulb

iris, dutch hybrids                                                                            narcissus (daffodil)                                                                              ‘Birma’
                                                                                                                                                                          Small-cupped Narcissus
   TYPE The Dutch hybrids are bulbs and are                                                       TYPE Narcissi are bulbs and are avail-
available as cut flowers and potted plants.                                                    able as cut flowers and potted plants.                                                                            iBulb

   SPECIAL TIPS FOR CUTS Irises have short                                                        CLASSIFICATIONS Narcissi are classified                                                        ‘Texas’
vase lives in room-temperature environments                                                    into 13 divisions. Among the most                                                   Double Narcissus
(usually only two to five days), so sell these                                                 commonly cultivated are:
flowers within two days of their arrival in                                                                                                                                                                      iBulb
your department.                                                                                  n Trumpet (the cup is as long or
                                                                                               longer than the petals and looks like                                                        ‘Cragford’
   SPECIAL TIPS FOR PLANTS Keep the plants                                                     a trumpet)                                                                         Tazetta Narcissus
evenly moist and in pots with good drainage.
                                                                                                  n Large-cupped (the cup is at least                                             Flower Council of Holland
                                                     ‘Big Smile’                               a third as long but not equal to the
                                       Muscari armeniacum                                      petal length)

                                                                                        iBulb     n Small-cupped (the cup is no more
                                                                                               than a third the length of a petal)
muscari (grape hyacinth)
                                                                                                  n Double (these plants feature
   TYPE Muscaris are bulbs and are available                                                   additional petals, giving a less distinct
as cut flowers and potted plants, but they are                                                 trumpet shape)
most commonly sold as plants.
                                                                                                  n Tazetta (this group, which
   SPECIAL TIPS FOR PLANTS Overwatering                                                        includes Narcissus papyraceus [pa-
can cause the roots to rot, so keep them                                                       per-white Narcissus], features fragrant
evenly moist and be sure they are in pots                                                      blooms, four to eight flowers per stem
with good drainage.                                                                            and small-sized cups)
26 / february 2016
                                                                                                  SPECIAL TIPS FOR CUTS During
                                                                                               processing, isolate Narcissi from other
                                                                                               flowers because when initially cut, they
                                                                                               exude a slimy substance that is harmful
                                                                                               to some other flowers, especially tulips
                                                                                               and Anemones. Keep Narcissi in separate
                                                                                               containers for at least six hours after cut-
                                                                                               ting them. After that time, they can be
                                                                                               arranged or placed with other flowers.

                                                                                                  SPECIAL TIPS FOR PLANTS Narcissus
                                                                                               stems and foliage often become floppy as
                                                                                               they mature. Use plant stakes and string
                                                                                               to support the stems. These plants prefer
                                                                                               bright light or the stems will become
                                                                                               weak, yellowed and elongated.
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