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bSguplurbiindge                                                                        photo: iBulb

 What you need to know about                                              Hyacinthus   hyacinthus (hyacinth)
 the most popular seasonal                                                   Hyacinth
 flowers and plants.                                                                      TYPE Hyacinths are bulbs and
 by cynthia l. mcgowan                                                                 are available as cut flowers and
                                                                                       potted plants.
    Beckon your customers into your department with a colorful
 array of popular bulb cut flowers and plants that are available                          SPECIAL TIPS FOR CUTS Unlike
 primarily in the spring. Use the information on these pages to                        most other flowers, recutting stems
 help you offer the freshest, most enticing products so your                           during processing is not advised.
 customers can welcome the beauty of spring into their homes.                          Leaving the basal plates (the white
                                                                                       portion of the stem ends) intact im-
                                                                  Crocus               proves water uptake and will extend
                                                                                       vase life.
                                                                                          SPECIAL TIPS FOR PLANTS The
    TYPE Crocuses are corms and are available only                                     stems of potted hyacinths often
 as potted plants.                                                                     require staking to hold up the top-
                                                                                       heavy flower heads, so provide sup-
    SPECIAL TIPS FOR PLANTS Crocuses do best in                                        port with hyacinth stakes and green
 bright, diffused light. Make sure the soil stays                                      waxed twine. Turn the pots daily to
 evenly moist. Severe drying will cause leaf yel-                                      ensure even upright growth.
 lowing and delay flower development.

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