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pull bow

This type of bow features one or two strings in        STEP 1 Unwrap and unfold the ribbon. Lay it out,      STEP 2 Pull the strings until the loops are formed.
between two wide ribbons. When you hold one            and hold the end from which the strings extend        Tightly knot the strings to secure the bow. Adjust
end of the ribbon and pull the strings, the ribbons    with your thumb and index finger.                     the loops to form a symmetrically shaped bow.
gather to form loops.

tailored bow

When a design requires only a small amount of          STEP 1 Scrunch a length of ribbon together between    STEP 2 Twist the ribbon at the binding point to keep
ribbon, this bow offers a tailored look with three     your thumb and index finger about 3 inches from       the finished surface of the ribbon on top, then form
simple loops and two tails.                            the end. Loop the ribbon loosely around your          a second larger loop (about 2 inches in diameter).
                                                       thumb to create a center loop, and scrunch the rib-   Scrunch the ribbon again between your thumb and
                                                       bon again between your index finger and thumb,        index finger, under the second gathering.
                                                       under the first gathering.

STEP 3 Twist the ribbon again to keep the finished     STEP 4 Place a length of enameled wire through the    STEP 5 Create a chevron cut in ends of the tails by
surface on top, then form a third loop on the oppo-    center loop of the bow, pull the ends of the wire to  folding the ribbon in half lengthwise and cutting on
site side of the center loop. This loop should be the  the backside of the bow, and twist the wire tightly   an angle upward from the edges to the center fold.
same size as the previously formed loop opposite       two or three times to secure the bow.
it. Cut the end of the ribbon to form a second tail                                                                                                          sf
about the same length as the first.

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